Poll 43: Do you enjoy playing maps from the Most Played category?

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Do you enjoy playing maps from the Most Played category?

Yes, I enjoy playing them!
I play them almost purely for progression (pp, ranks, etc)
No, I don't enjoy playing them
Total votes: 888
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Probably has been said before in some way but I want to drop my perspective on it:

the reason why the most played beatmaps are... well the most played, is because 1) fcing/passing simpler, more straightforward maps is retried more often and more within reach for players. In general it's easier to get a better score in a non-gimmick map than a tech/gimmick map that are both the same star ratings, because they require a less specific skillset. (Not to say that those maps are bad though. And 2) They stay on that list because they achieve the above effect so well, so they get more exposure from the chart, and rinse and repeat. It's positive feedback because the map's attention feeds on itself.

If we wanted to adjust the system we have right now while still showing popular maps on the front page of the website, which is a fun idea, we could always just limit how long a beatmap is able to stay on those charts. Around 1 month would probably be a good limit. We could also make the list more expansive (top 20, 30, 50 most played instead of 5) and through the charts players could discover more than the same 5 maps that are always at the top of the charts atm. Plus, it gives a lot more room for mappers to get some exposure from it too.

The problem that isn't fixed from that idea, however, is that these maps tend to be similar because they tend to attract the same playerbase (and again, this isn't a bad thing), but the common complaint right now is that the current charts don't give a refreshing enough variety of content. I don't think this can ever be solved through an automated system, though. Sure, some really good maps stand out with a higher user rating, and maybe a lot of favorites too, but both of those examples still leave out some sort of audience of maps (controversial / edgy maps, and unnoticed maps, respectively). I think the "newly ranked maps" section of the new website is definitely a step up from that though.

But that's the main reason I think people like the idea of replacing the top charts with spotlights. We have a team of human people, very involved in the community, who already hand pick maps for the sake of being unique!! This should be used toward our advantage!!

Toy wrote:

(replace it with loved maps)
Lol, I think this would be a great idea too, because the only way of knowing what maps that got loved in the most recent cycle is a #mapfeed discord channel for me, or searching the beatmap search engine. I think there room for a more consistent reminder of new loved content.

TL;DR: If I were the one and only osu! website developer I would do the following

  1. Limit how long a map can stay on the current most played charts
  2. Expand the current most played chart (to like 50?)
  3. Add new charts for spotlights (and loved would be cool too)
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Replace with loved maps pls, most played is always just the farm maps, nothing thats exciting
You don't even need to look there to know what exactly is most played. And I just hope that instead of a showcase of a shitty meta on the main page we can get something actually worthwhile
They're all maps that encourage retries and as such, artificial playcount boosting, rather than actual good maps that more and more people would be inclined to play.
I would say I enjoy them when I play them, but I only play them for gaining ranks. The game is basically split into 2 parts for me. Rank grinding and just playing for fun. The first part is done by playing all the Most Played maps and the second part is me trying to get better by playing hard maps, aiming for passes and overall playing maps that I don't expect to FC.

I definitely am happy when a new map makes it in the Most Played because it just means more rank gaining material. But I really want to see a more diverse showcase of beatmaps.

Fireburner wrote:

hell yea dude tear rain has been my shit since day 1
and the profile picture, actually made me laugh. 10/10
Not anymore. I think that's to blame on both the players and mappers. But with the PP system players are always going to want to gain PP and gain ranks, there's not really a fix to that. However mappers that intentionally push and condone this PP mapping style which rank hungry players feed on ruins the most played section by saturating it with farm maps that players grind out all the time thus shooting them to the top of the most played section.

unfortunately it's fairly common that the most fun and interesting maps don't reward PP or are much harder than their farm map counterpart, so a lot of people pass over them ignore them in favour of grinding out a generic repetitive map that gives a lot of PP. I don't know what a better alternative would be but perhaps the maps with the most favourites could be a slightly better option than by play count.
Don't really enjoy them, in large part due to them just being super short, though they usually aren't anything special mapping wise either. I always thought that, now that we have play time anyway, measuring "most played" in play time instead of play count would make more sense, maybe it would help with diversity in that section a bit if there's nothing better to replace it with (though I agree that putting map spotlights when they return there would be cool).
I never really clicked on any maps in that section, it's just that the songs I've downloaded were coincidentally in that category too. XD

If that counts, then yes, they can be fun to play.
some maps on the most played section are ok but to be honest, i dont really enjoy playing them because most of them are pretty boring to play.

would be best if the most played section are maps that is on the spotlights imo, or something like other people in this thread said regarding spotlights and stuff.
Would be nice to see more interesting maps there, as far as I can remember it's almost always just been filled with typical pp farm and anime / J songs.
I don't really enjoy those maps because they are severely lacking in concepts. The only ways the music is expressed in those maps are spacing increase on louder sounds or just whenever the mapper feels like it and occasionally triples or streams whenever there are 1/4s in the music.

Making things worse, currently 4 of 5 maps in there are from the same mapper, so every map feels like the same.

I think this should be replaced with maps from beatmap spotlight regularly, they are a lot better maps concept wise.

Worst case scenario, limit one map per mapper in there if nothing else.
extenting the most played maps section to 10 is actually a good idea.
I do not enjoy them, or well I stopped enjoying them after seeing that they are almost the same maps with just a few things changed.
Maybe removing it altogether would be a nice solution, and instead adding a search box to the home page just like in the beatmapsets page, I mean, there is already the beatmapsets page with infinite scroll and sorting options, it needs a little bit more of exposure.

I guess we are talking about the old site most played section

Ephemeral wrote:

We're interested to know how people feel about maps that are featured in the Most Played widgets on the front page. Do you enjoy playing them? Why or why not?

Let us know your thoughts!
I don't see the problem, its not liked there not mapped properly or not fun.
But I guess since they are usually PP maps that are featured it could get repetitive and therefore become boring.
Mostly I want to write something negative about a certain mapper, so I won't mention their name. This mapper is abusing the pp calculation system, by which the pp gain from their maps is inflated, making said maps appealing for the purpose of "pp farming".
I don't like this morally and that they get a highlight because of beling played a lot of times.
Maybe a rule that only show thier most popular map, and only one at a time.
Sincerely I play them just for pp 5 digit inc. I downloaded CBCC due to the Most Played and now it's my top play lol
The Most Played maps are just Sotarks and VINXIS' No title... Everyone knows these maps. I agree it needs to change. I have no problems with the mapping style. It's just that they don't give a slot to the [very] good, not recognized map. I am tired of seeing No title and Sotarks in the Most Played. Maybe banning a map after X weeks appearing consecutively? This would (FINALLY!) end with No title, Black Rover & etc. Harumachi Clover could appear because it got ranked recently, but after X days/weeks/months it would eventually disappear.
For maybe a day whenever an actual cool new map gets ranked. Most of the time it's the exact same farm maps though, which don't interest me at all. Thus the most played maps section becomes quite useless since it hardly ever changes, and if it does, it's usually just another farm map.

I guess one thing you could do is simply exclude all maps from the most played list older than, say, 1 month. This way you could at least keep the list full of fresh maps rather than the same farm maps from 2-3 years ago.
Eta Carinae
I don't really enjoy playing them and neither do I use them to gain any pp very often. It's not like they are mapped poorly or anything, they are just not really interesting to play.
I also don't like how this section is basically just "look Sotarks ranked a new map". I have nothing against him but I'd be really happy if we could see a little more mapper diversity on this widget, so maybe you could make this section show only one map per mapper.
Most played maps has more than enough places to be found, and because they have a lot of difficulties and are short and easy to grind (even more with DT), they will rack up on plays easily, and looking at the opinions given here, the "extend the Most Played Maps to 10" is a "Ha!, no please" for me.
Given that loved maps are getting more and more tools for exposure every round (news article and in-game banner) seems that they dont need more, specially due to the nature of the loved section itself (not all maps are loved, different numbers, and others)
The only project that seems to win something is spotlights, looking that they are going into a revamp right now, is the best place to get quality maps curated by various community members, my only concern would be that spotlights are probably going to be seasonal in the future (updates every 3 months) so something can be worked with that.
i like at least 1 map from spotlights so putting spotlights is the best option imo

also players complain about how there isnt creative stuff so having spotlights there is like "hey, heres some interesting maps"
Most Played will only be great once Sotarks gets all 5 spots.
they're actually quite handy when filtering to other modes but i wouldn't touch it for standard
When i was playing actively most of the time i just picked random maps from the ranked section with "recommended difficulty" because the 90% of the times that i downloaded some of the most played maps (avoiding sotarks maps that i personally don't like) all of them, where just tv sizes with tipical jump spam or generic stuff that are commonlly boring.
i know that somethimes there are interesting maps, but most of the time i just didn't enjoyed playing them
asking this is basically asking if you enjoy pp farming or extremely popular songs' maps

then the obvious answer is no
No, I don't. Most of them are cut songs made only for PP purposes, there is no fun in that for me.

MkGuh wrote:

No, I don't. Most of them are cut songs made only for PP purposes, there is no fun in that for me.
It's better to say: "part farming", "part fun", "part random".

And for me, when a certain mapper tries to forcefully raise the SR of a song when it's not (actually) applicable, that's when the song gets ugly. I found no fun at that.
I also agree with the idea of bringing a featured section however It's also nice to know what is being played. It's just an issue of the most played always being what gives the most pp this month, not what is most fun for the community. That and it's always Standard on the main page. Seeing other modes would be nice. However that is straying from the topic. I don't play standard anymore but playing charts that are fully dedicated around PP aren't that enjoyable unless you enjoy progression through ranks. I think most played in the loved category would be a far more accurate portrayal of what the community actually enjoys.

TL:DR Most played charts aren't fun unless you enjoy playing for progression.
This is mostly a pointless ramble. I didn't really think this post through to much but it's just what I thought at face value.
Honestly they have become pretty bland and boring.Although some can be entretaining, most of them are made for farming and more farming.
Please replace that section with spotlights, spotlight maps are amazing
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