Poll 43: Do you enjoy playing maps from the Most Played category?

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Do you enjoy playing maps from the Most Played category?

Yes, I enjoy playing them!
I play them almost purely for progression (pp, ranks, etc)
No, I don't enjoy playing them
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We're interested to know how people feel about maps that are featured in the Most Played widgets on the front page. Do you enjoy playing them? Why or why not?

Let us know your thoughts!
hell yea dude tear rain has been my shit since day 1
I play them, but I cannot say that I enjoy them, because it's just farming, farming and farming. Tbh I am looking forward to play them less.
The 5 most played maps of any given day don't really need the extra visibility boost since they're already played a ton and spread faster than the Black Plague

Slap Spotlights onto there instead
Nah, i don't really care, It's cool to know as a fact, however i wouldn't give it so much relevancy
The most played maps are almost always maps that are made just for pp farm, a lot of them arent even fun to play
They're a bit "eh" since most plays just rack up from people retrying over and over again.
I do enjoy some of them a lot. There's really only 3 ways a mapset makes it there; it's bundled with the game download, it's a song/mapset that is immensely well known, or it's extraordinarily farmy.

Maps from the first category are generally lovely and I play them regularly to this day.
The second category is hit and miss, some of them are great and others not so much.
Third category is mostly bad content in my eyes, with few exceptions.
since i have 4 maps most played atm, i'll give my word on this since i like playing my own maps. well to be really honest my most played maps are the maps i never play from myself, because i just don't enjoy them because i don't farm pp anymore since like 2 years+.
just people play them to rank up mostly.. i mean they are not even good songs (make a move, harumachi, despacito ect..) only black rover is an actual decent song.
Nao Tomori
ya just put spotlights there at least weekly delis maps are better than 1-2 spam for the entire thing :d
+1 for spotlights
If it's a most played map, their either pp farms or played for the enjoyment of the song. To me it just depends on the map.
I like going through all of their diffs and trying to fc them quickly it's always fun
People who are farming pp are enjoying playing them, but people who don't farm pp will never attempt to touch them.

In my opinion, this whole thing makes no sense, because people who say "they aren't fun to play" don't even play them at all, or they oblige themselves not to like them because they "destory" the ranking system.

Their hate comes from nothing but a system that controls the game. It is true that they are so easy and they don't require that much effort to FC, but they always forget the main thing why we play this game. We aren't playing this game for gaining pp or gaining high ranks, we play it to experience music in a different way other than listening.
I dont like them because they stagnate easily, day after day and for weeks you'll be seeing the same maps all the time, occasionally a new one comes in for a while before falling out again, but overall it's super samey

Something like spotlights would be cool, but that wouldn't be better if they stick with the current plan of moving to be every few months instead of monthly

Something more flexible would be cooler, like showing the maps from a random beatmap pack, or showing the top played maps out of the ones ranked in the past week, to keep it rotating and fresher than it is right now
i only ever play them if i feel like gaining ranks honestly, because thats what they usually are.
i dont particularly get any enjoyment or satisfaction for playing them other than from the PP count.

so i rarely do that
Current most played is pointless, Map spotlights would be very meh aswell on the frontpage because of how irregularly they are updated and how they can be a single diff aswell. Instead it should be a top5 category that cycles through few categories in 3 second intervals or so.

You'd have a filter for top 5 most played ranked(if you had options for 24h/7days/30days that would be even better), weekly/monthly spotlights, top 5 most played from loved (24h/7D/30D), Most favourited (24/7/30, these wouldn't necessarily even need to be ranked/loved for this category, great way to see new just submitted maps that are great!), Most played single diff sets... The list goes on. Point is that cycling mechanic would be the best option and would cater to everyone.

You could quickly check if something worthwhile happened today in the game just by scrolling through the tabs relevant to you. Having this in-game in lazer with pinnable tabs for example would be great aswell (for when that becomes relevant in development).
vergil chair
bad timing for that poll sir, basically (for current moment) it's like asking if we like sotarks' maps

though I am pretty sure people who enjoy gaining pp/rank will enjoy them too. for me "the most played" section still remains the section being constantly flooded with maps which are just straight forward repetition of what we had for a long time - the pp mapping (maybe with few exceptions) so I don't really pay attention on it/don't enjoy them that much
Dropping my two cents: I think the option to have a display on which maps are currently most played is a fun idea, but is definitely skewed towards certain types of maps, especially since some of these maps have been on there for a long time (1+ years).

Likewise, I’m not a fan of the “replace it with Spotlights” idea either because that’s going to be biased towards certain picks as well (i.e. which maps are decided as spotlights? how do we ensure impartiality/unbias towards spotlight picks? how long will they remain in the spotlight? etc.) We already have a “beatmaps spotlights” advertised on the home page every month but I certainly don’t see it being an effective replacer due to how infrequent these are posted. I especially don’t think that a monthly tracker would be ideal due to how quickly people want to move on to new maps; a weekly tracker would be better, but then it’s impractical to get people to curate 30+ new maps and determine which one deserve to “be put on a spotlight” on a weekly basis.

The “newly ranked beatmaps” feature on the newer site is a neat idea too, but because of how fast things get ranked these maps don’t gain a lot of exposure either.

To sum it all up: older maps shouldn’t receive as much exposure; beatmap spotlights are proven to be ineffective; newer maps could use longer exposure. Maybe something where we display most popular maps within a specific time frame would be a better system (for example, the most popular maps from maps that were released within the last week/month using play count as the variable for which we determine popularity), but I don’t know how effective that would be either.
Could just cycle through the latest qualified maps to give them more publicity or something if people find issues/etc, most played is a bit of a mess right now for the reasons everyone explained above.
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