Does Using a tablet + pen make it easier to play osu?

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you use mouse draw better or you use pencil draw better ?
I did better once I nailed down how to use my tablet and I had been a mouse user for quite some time with a top of the line G700. I don't know if "easier" is the best word but you make less wasteful movements and spend less energy. Which helps you concentrate more on the game.
Although playing with a mouse was nice, some movements are just really awkward with a mouse. Most beatmaps are basically as simple as drawing a continuous line, something that's pretty hard with a mouse. I mean it's simple, can you draw a line very quickly with a mouse with really good accuracy? Maybe not. Can you do the same with a pencil? You may not be able to do that either, but it doesn't have as steep of a learning curve.
Tablet + pen don't make it easier.. but I have more fun playing with Tablet.
Pretend to have the same skill with a tablet and a mouse. Play a song on hard/insane. Tablet will surely wins for jumps, but mouse will surely wins for streams. It depends on the map. But in most cases yes, it's easier with a tablet.

Maneuver wrote:

you use mouse draw better or you use pencil draw better ?
this guy is so baked

Shellghost wrote:

I bought a tablet + pen, opened up a map, left the pen on the tablet while I got up and made some coffee and came back to seventeen SS HD+DT+FL.
This made me laugh so hard I nearly choked in my apple juice LOL
Soul Rhythm
I think it depends on the person ^^.
Well, for me it is easier to use my tablet :3.
Im better with mah fingers ^_^
I don't know, because i'm a mouse only player.
yes. yes it is

Minty Gum wrote:

Do whatever feels most natural to you. It won't necessarily help anything. What's important is to keep practicing, and you'll suddenly pass all the songs you once failed.
Yes, I have the same feeling.
The Jumps are easier with the tablet ~_~
because you dont have to move your whole arm
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