Does Using a tablet + pen make it easier to play osu?

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Does Using a tablet + pen make it easier to play osu?

been told this.. lmk?
I bought a tablet + pen, opened up a map, left the pen on the tablet while I got up and made some coffee and came back to seventeen SS HD+DT+FL.
Just don't expect an overnight Cookiezi
Seriously don't
Not necessarily but most likely.

Depends on the person.
Depends Some feel that Mouse is better but i use tablet because its easier for jumps :3
Short answer: no.
Long answer: nope.
Kanye West
Your playstyle doesn't change how good you are. You either practice and get good or you blame your equipment and suck
Minty Gum
Do whatever feels most natural to you. It won't necessarily help anything. What's important is to keep practicing, and you'll suddenly pass all the songs you once failed.
Yes and No sometimes the mouse can still be a friend when playing Osu but it does makes it easier but it's also measured on how good " You " are on that Tablet
It doesn't matter if you use a ball mouse or whatever to play, it all comes down to skill.
It ain't gonna be like a stroll in the park if you continue with the tablet but with training you will see results.
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