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My Angel Watame
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, 7 June 2021 at 3:54:35 PM

Artist: Hatsuki Yura
Title: The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo-
Tags: gothic electronic japanese 月棘苑子 jigake drop xlolicore- elsa valentine celine deppyforce kkipalt xenok
BPM: 135
Filesize: 13468kb
Play Time: 03:52
Difficulties Available:
  1. Celine's Extra (5.26 stars, 1115 notes)
  2. Corruption (6.44 stars, 1290 notes)
  3. Deppy's Hard (3.67 stars, 758 notes)
  4. KKip's Insane (4.56 stars, 1019 notes)

Download: Hatsuki Yura - The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo-
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


葉月ゆら - The Clockwork Rose -時計仕掛けの薔薇少女-

Corruption by me
Extra by Celine
Insane by KKipalt
Hard by Deppyforce

Banner by Sing
Hitsounds from Xenok's set, with permission
Background illustration by 月棘苑子

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