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Gawd, just my thoughts Derekku o.o
Most of this new achievment graphics are just adorable and awesome. I would like to see more of them! =)
I hope round two will come fast after round one has been finished ^,^
Woa, tried:

Woah lovely work there Ballance! peppy should so hire you! :)

Keep 'em coming.
These are pretty cool, nice work
50k plays,
Previous images of achievements has shadows and some outlines for the text...
Maybe 50k achievement can be more like this (idk)

.psd file -> [dl llink]
.png file -> [img link]
So cool.
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Now accepting artwork for:

Jack of All Trades
Quick Draw
Oh, I didn't know this was still...a thing.

I shall jump right on that then. (would work better with guidelines however)
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What guidelines are you looking for?

peppy wrote:

What guidelines are you looking for?
I work a little better if I'm given a general idea of what to draw. I see the guidelines in the OP and the templates, but I would like to know if there is anything specific that would appeal to you the best. Not as a way of getting ahead but to get the best possible and most wanted product. Such as clairvoyance, each achievement could have a general way of letting the player know what to do through illustration, without giving the goal away (as I assume it's ambiguous as achievements are right now.)

Or, if you'd like something other than clarivoyance and just something humorous or good looking, such as Jack of All Trades (which I'm assuming is being good at everything, osu, taiko, ctb) could have Pippi, one of the Elite Beat Agents and the Ouendan guy (damned if I remember their names) all playing cards at a table, and one of them has a Jack. Just as a pun on the achievement name. In general, if you're picky and looking for something specific for achievements, it would help to have guidelines and something in general to follow in order to get the best product.

Wizards of the Coast gives their illustrators a good description of what they would like while also being lenient. They describe a card illustration with specific details (such as placement, angle, color scheme etc.) while leaving room for things such as the design of the character's clothing, among other things. This gives them a general idea of what they want, thus the result is better and less vague. Whatever fits their vision best while letting the artist do his thing.

It'd still be a collaboration on the community's efforts to create achievements for osu, but you get to pick the best looking version of exactly what you want.
Welp I tried XD (But as I feared there really isnt enough pixel density)

P.S. the font size in that template is a pinch over the black border for the txt "quick draw" so 17pt seemed ok
very good :)

Hanyuu wrote:

very good :)
hi , long time no see :)
snowball is fine?

theowest wrote:

30 some odd pixels wide is not "ass" material it's more of a butt.
Man, I seriously thought that was a submission for "obsessed" :(

CXu wrote:

Man, I seriously thought that was a submission for "obsessed" :(
It can be, The holster is superficial :P

(But then again its not fair for the female audience so you'll have to have the fruit catcher guy in a frontal where it looks like he has a squirrel stuffed in his pants... But In all seriousness I am "trying" to keep it PG XD )
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Accepting RBRat3's Quick Draw (please send psd when you can :)). Added two new achievements for this round:

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