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Heya, kiseki here so umm

not really gonna touch on this much but forum PM your mod reqs to me, I'll take everything maybe

just use this format, you can send more than one request/map per message, but don't spam them. If your map is good, you wont get much from me xd


yeah I'm probably gonna leave this open forever lol, just FORUM PM THE REQUESTS, DON'T PM OR ELSE I'LL IGNORE YOU.

For M4M Requests, I mod first then you mod my map, I'll pm the map I want modded to you, but If I don't have any I'll just take it as an NM Request(I put way more effort into M4M than NM btw)

For GD, I'm open to requests anytime, but that doesn't mean I'm always open to accept, I'm at my prime when making 5* maps, and at my lowest with 3* maps(2* below is okay tho).
Song Name: fantastic dreamer
Song Artist: Hello, Happy World!
Source(Game or Anime, if any): Bang Dream! (Mobile Game)
BPM: 185
Length: 1:27
Rank?: Yes

NM Req please :D Thank you in Advance!
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What did I just say in my post

(Hint: Forum PM them to me)
NM req
Song Name:Caffeine (feat. Lamar Hall)
Song Artist:Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams
Source(Game or Anime, if any): RWBY
Rank?: Yes
.. lol 10 bucks someone will always post their request here instead of the forum PM
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TheKingHenry wrote:

.. lol 10 bucks someone will always post their request here instead of the forum PM
lmao alright

All non-forum requests will be ignored from now on thanks
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post so my q stays on the front page xd
Syaro Kirima
Song Name: kronos
Song Artist: sakuzyo
Source: selentia
BPM: 156
Length: 2:56
Rank?: Ye
and plz take more care on lower diffs, 'cause I think top diff is already perfect
top diff have 100+ mods, but others still below 20 : (
and thx
lmao cry me a river xdddd
pyramide when
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funny how this queue somehow just turns off and gets sweeped to the inactive queues until I post again which makes it a bit more relevant for a while, I'll be taking 4 more this month lol
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