How did everyone discover osu?

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The Reddit r/place social experiment. The "huge" controversy over the size of the Osu! logo was talked about all over, and I just kinda followed the drama about it. A few months ago I was bored of Warthunder so I wanted to look for a new game to play, I watched a stream of Osu on twitch and thought I would give it a try.

So far it has been very fun!
I was over at my friends house and he showed me osu and when i did tutorial for the first time i got a D. Then went home sad and decide why not install osu on my computer.
I was scrolling through twitch top streamed games looking for something new and there was this weird pink circle several pages down that I didn't recognize.
I was in a friend's class' group chat where someone linked a video and said "Here's a game for you anime dudes" or something along those lines. I looked at it and immediately thought to myself that this is something I always wanted to try without knowing.
Many moons ago friend show me cool game we can play together. I play - not like - leave game for many moons.
Now present day- play rhythm dance - game now very into rhythm game - come back to osu!

I have fun.
Mine isn't very fun sounding.. but I was in a discord server, having a good time, when I saw one of the mods playing this game called "osu!". So, me being someone always looking for new games, I asked them what the game was. All they said was "the best game ever." So.. I downloaded. I can't disagree with them at this point in time.
I couldn't find any offline games that my computer could run (because it's a laptop and it's garbage) so I found osu! on a list of games and I got addicted :)

Sucks that a lot of my playtime wasn't online but oh well
So this classmate of mine had a game on her ipad osu stream, I used to borrow it top play the gaem then like 2 months I discovered the game on windows so I downloaded it and played
r a g e
I was watching a video on how to get better at cs:go, and it mentioned using games/tools like osu to warm up. I downloaded it, thinking "i got this. i play guitar hero and this'll be easy since my aim in cs is already good" and i got destroyed. I put the game down until a few months later when i played casual, only playing 2*-3* maps. i switched back over to guitar hero, but after missing osu i came back and started grinding out 4-6* maps (and passing airman once by sheer luck lmao). I'm almost 5 digits now, and im having a grand old time since my accuracy is rising and i finally feel confident with my tablet :)
Back in 2014, I had invited a friend around and we were watching twitch streams. We saw a game called "Osu" on there. Confused I clicked on it and I remember the stream being titled "Do not watch, I am bad at this game" And thus we clicked it. Saw someone pass a two star standard map. And the rest was history.
Well I was watching ToshDeluxe (a geometry dash youtuber) play osu!mania and I decided to watch some osu!mania videos. I was still not interested to play osu!std. When I finished watching RWBY, I searched up Red Like Roses Part 1 and 2 to listen to it for a while, and found that it was quite 'popular' in osu, so I gave it a try, and now, I play osu!
I was at a friend house and saw that she had an "osu" app on her desktop. Never asked her what it was. When I went home, I googled it, found it, and decided to play it.

The next day, I told her that osu is very fun and that we should play it together but she told me that she had never heard of osu. Turns out what I saw on her desktop was something else but my eyes somehow saw osu.
Found it by looking for "music games" and this required accuracy so i tried it waited two years and started playing again. Naisu
I was trying to improve my aim at other games and someone reccomended me "Osu!". After playing a few times, I really liked it, and Osu became my main game. For some reason, I took a break for over a year, but now I'm back XD
My story is that i found BeasttrollMcs channel and i looked at his most recent video which was about osu. and i was hmm this game looks interesting so i searched it up on google and downloaded it and instantly loved the game. Then i stopped playing for about a month
I remember searching for rhythm games on google, and read about osu somewhere so i downloaded it immediately and now i like clicking circles
- Sphinx -
I found WubWoofWolfs channel and later I watched his best gameplays. This was 2015 and I decided to play offline for a while to improve my skill. Other top players convinced me to create an account in 2016 but a feew weeks after this I had to quit osu! (gaming in general). Now im happy to be back!
3 years ago, may 2016, on toonbook. Someone posted a video of someone playing osu and uh
I liked it

but i hate my username now :'(
friend told me about it. he was flexing his 4 star plays at that time xd
I downloaded Osu back in 2016 because of this one video. I don't remember but I never launched it and I uninstalled it this year. Then I saw "And some say he never played osu! again" on Youtube because it was on my recommendations. Afterward, I reinstalled it and no regrets :). Been addicted to it and grinded on this game for the whole Summer.
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