How did everyone discover osu?

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I saw a livestreamer play osu!, didn't think way too much about it, but afterwards i decided to go and register and then leave my account for 3 months. Currently i'm 66k.
I was listening to some music on Youtube. In the description of one of my favorite songs, the channel said that they had found the song from "osu!". I decided to search it up and downloaded the game shortly after.
Geromu Keretem
A friend of mine was playing it and he decided to show me the game. Didn't like it at first, but as we were on vacation and he was the only one who brought a laptop and osu was the only game that didnt lag, I was forced to play it. And I started liking it LOL. He had around 750pp at the time. Now he is at around 2,600 and im slightly behind at 2,321pp. I didnt start playing osu seriously up until July 2018 tho.
I think I first discovered osu while going through Youtube recommendations. I had recently started playing rhythm games on my phone and Youtube was recommending to me Centipede and The Empress (?) shitmap autoplays.
at the time i discovered osu, i was just addicted to rhythm games so i searched for more and found osu.
pretty simple xd
Funny story I found out about osu through a minecraft youtuber and he was explaining what osu is in one of his videos and he left his osu profile link in the description and I went to it, obviously I had no idea what I was looking at. So I just went to the main screen of osu I downloaded the game and I immediately got addicted. And whats funny about this story is that I'm now friends with that youtuber, and i never expected that. He also switched his content to osu from minecraft xd
From Twitch, I think I first saw some tournament. Then I was like "Hey, this is cool" and researched about this. Then I watched a Cookiezi replay. That absolutely blew my mind, and so, I downloaded Osu as well.
I did a google search on one song I really liked and clicked on a result that linked to a beatmap of said favourite song :)
Knew about this game for a long time but only joined when all my friends started playing it. 1 year and I still suck because I created my account in September last year, but only really started playing in March this year.
i played another vsrg game before osu, and a lot of my mates told me to check it out.
I actually knew about osu for a long time from a friend but didn't start playing until 3 years ago. I probably tried it out of boredom and here I am
Well i found osu through searching in google for a game to improve reaction time , then i came across some article that listed a few games for that and there i started watching Youtube videos for those games , i finally checked osu and then that was it basically and since that moment i kept playing on for a long time with some pauses in between :)
Saw a friend playing it and thought it was a weeb game (this was when i gave up being a weeb), then spring of last year I think, I saw the Beasttroll video of Big black and was amazed by it, however, I saw that the game was called Osu! and was kind of considering whether to play it or not but I decided not to due to weeb connotations. Then came winter of 2017 and I was bored of the games that I had and started scoping through youtube on new games, which then lead me to that Beast video and that's how I started my Osu! journey. Now I'm a weeb again.
i was watching youtube on my tv when i first discovered osu!, when in a recommendation of videos to watch, since i was listening to a lot of music on youtube, i saw a thumbnail with an anime girl in it, with circles in the back. this video was Heibel's fc on "Blood Sugar". having my curiosity piqued, i watched the video, and was slightly confused at what i was watching. i saw that the name of the game was called "osu!", and decided to look it up in the search function. after that, i saw a video of "caramel heaven" and, since i was already using the alias keremal at the time, watched that stuff too. it blew my mind, both in trying to figure out why people used two different keys to click circles, and how they got so good at doing it. i got a bit frustrated at trying to figure out, so i left the game in the back of my mind. that is, until a classmate from last year started playing a weird game with keys, that looked oddly enough like guitar hero, but with flat plates. i asked what the game was, and it blew my mind.

"wait, that's 'osu!'?"
i've found osu through osu!droid a couple of years ago, left it for a year and finally rediscovers osu! at new years eve.
Saw a dude named Renard on xfire playing grumd's Blue Night map. I originally had no interest while my friend group all started playing it but I eventually gave in and ended up loving it. First beatmap I downloaded besides peppy's tutorial map? One two seven three....
I found osu! via youtube, of course! It was like... 4-5 years ago and I was watching a Minecraft youtuber (yeah) and then in one video he was playing this rhythm game with cute songs and it seemed so fun that I downloaded it! Best decision ever made.
I walked in on my step brother playing Osu and when I asked him what it was, he immediately pulled up cookiezi's play of The Big Black (This was a few years ago btw) and I was immediately hooked. Though my Standard career got cut short when I discovered Taiko ( ◞・౪・)
Saw some people playing it thought i'd give it a try
The Reddit r/place social experiment. The "huge" controversy over the size of the Osu! logo was talked about all over, and I just kinda followed the drama about it. A few months ago I was bored of Warthunder so I wanted to look for a new game to play, I watched a stream of Osu on twitch and thought I would give it a try.

So far it has been very fun!
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