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1st Place: Apraxia
2nd Place: Xilver
3rd Place: Lilily

Welcome to the Battle Royale

osu! Battlegrounds is based on the popular "Battle Royale" games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and Fortnite. Players will enter into a 15 player lobby and only one will walk away the winner.

  1. This is a Free-For-All tournament consisting of 15 Players.
  2. This is an osu! Standard tournament.
  3. This is an international tournament.
  4. The tournament will be played in scorev2.
  5. There will be no rank limit and the top 15 players based on rank will be accepted for each Day.
  6. Players will sign up individually and Anonymously.
  7. You need to register weekly! Registrations will open on Monday at 00:00 UTC. Final cutoff for each Weekend will be Friday at 16:00 UTC.
  8. There are two matches each weekend. One on Saturday at 13:00 UTC, and One on Sunday at 20:00 UTC. 15 Matches in total!
  9. There will be a Championship Match after the 8 Week Period has ended, with a 1 week buffer.
  10. All match times are in UTC.
  11. No staff members are allowed to play other than streamers, commentators, and graphics designers.

  1. You may only sign up to play a total of Four times. Even if you missed the first 4 weeks, you can still join the last 4!
  2. There will be a Points System. Your Points will be added to the Leaderboard after each match. The Top 15 players will go to the Championship.
  3. The Referee will invite you to the match and you will be expected to join within 15 minutes of the written time.
  4. The player with the lowest score will be eliminated after each map. Each eliminated player will be asked to leave the lobby.
  5. Playlists use the same format each time, with randomly shuffled order. They will never contain the same maps. There are 15 in Total, one for each Match.
  6. The Playlists will contain 14 maps that will be Sightread. The total mod settings for each Playlist is 4 No Mod, 3 Free Mod, 2 Hidden, 2 Hard Rock, 2 Double Time and A Tiebreaker.
  7. One Warm-Up will be played before the match begins.
  8. Free Mod must be played with one of these selected mods: Spun Out, Flashlight, Hidden, or Hard Rock.
  9. The Tie-Breaker will be played with Free Mod.
  10. More info on the Points System can be found on the Home Page.


Tournament Organizers: Backfire, Cavoeboy and Misery
Mappool Selectors: Legless and Backfire
Streamer: Cavoeboy
Commentators: Looking for Volunteers!
Graphic Designer: Micro and Backfire
Referees: All Staff
If you are interested in helping with any of these, please join the discord by clicking the link at the top of the post!

Tournament Dates:

Initial Registration + Hype Period: September 8th - September 28th
Week 1 - 5: Saturday @ 13:00 UTC & Sunday @ 20:00 UTC
Week 6 - 8: Saturday @ 13:00 UTC & Sunday @ 18:00 UTC
Championship Match: December 1st

Championship Prizes:

First Place: A Profile Badge, 1 Player Ticket to Cavoe's osu! Event 2019 + 8 Months of Supporter or your choice of 20$
Second Place: 6 Months of Supporter or your choice of 16$
Third Place: 4 Month of Supporter or your choice of 12$

We hope to see you soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
its ya boi returnin
hot sponsor
ok i want that ticket holy
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
now i just need to be gamery enough to win this thing!
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Forgot to mention, we got approved for a badge!

This is the design:
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Hope everyone enjoyed last weekend and joins us this weekend! Cookiezi will be joining us on Sunday so I hope you come watch! :)
Yay go Micro
Strawberry Cake
Wow this sounds really cool!
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Remember registration opens every week! :)
so uhh.. how are you supposed to use spunout in taiko?
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tatatat wrote:

so uhh.. how are you supposed to use spunout in taiko?
This is osu!standard, smart guy.
wait wut, why?
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Stop talking in my thread please.
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