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I'm here to ask for GD's for my latest map :)link
I could do the whole mapset myself, but I thought about a cool idea which I can't do alone
Basically, the two sets that are ranked use PROJECT skin as their background (if you're not familiar to League of Legends, see this link), so I thought it would be cool having 12 difficulties, each having diffirent skin in their background. I would also match the difficulty of the champion from the game to the difficulty in the map (easiest diff = easiest champion to play in bg, hardest diff = hardest champion to play in bg).
I hope it won't be hard to get all 12 diffs, since song is only 1 minute long, from which almost 40 seconds is slow piano part.
Yeah probably will try go for ranked, but I don't promise you it will get ranked lol

So, the set I'm planning looks like this:
Easy (by me)
Normal (by me)
Advanced (by CucumberCuc)
Hard (by AirinCat)
Hyper (by me)
Light Insane (by Jval93700)
Insane (by Jval93700)
Insane (by Amii)
Insane (by ???)
Extra (by me)
Extra (by TheKoala)
Extra (by Phiatta)
Extra (by NotABox)

Of course this can change if no one will like to take Advanced, Light Insane and two Insane diffs, since they're optional. If I see that no one wants to take some diffs, I'll do them myself in free time.

So yeah, that's about it. If you want to make a GD, just write under this post which difficulty you want to map! No requirements, just make sure it will be at least decent quality, thank you :)
gosh that's a long post

yes i know this song has nothing to do with project skins but they match song really well imo

Found all GD's, don't post more!
Hello, I would like to make an Insane diff ! I'm aiming for 4.3-4.4* btw

Here is my lastest map : https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/832247

Thanks for fconsidering ! ~
Sure! :)
I can try extra diff, if u want
No problem!
hey i would like to do a insane diff! :) but im not sure how im supposed to send you the map when im done.. i could send it to u per discord when thats ok?? owo
Sure! Normally I would would refuse since you're really new to mapping but your uploaded map has some cool patterns lol
About sending, could you send by forum PM? I don't use discord rly :(
i can do an extra, its a pretty cool song!
Hellu, Advanced diff?
Sure, go ahead both of you!

Sorry if anyone else was interested, but found all of needed GD's! Don't need more of them, so don't post more pls
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