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(h)ome (o)f (y)our (o)wn!

Welcome to a (hoyo), fellow mapper/modder.

The reason of (hoyo) is to encourage other mappers ask for help, to feel comfortable with the editor, and to feel right at home here at osu!.
I emphasize on newer mappers, and I'm here to help you get past the ranking process smoothly and with the least frustration.

Quite simple, right? Don't be afraid to post, just be sure you read the rest of this!

I stop looking after five maps.
One map per post AND user.

General guidelines for this queue:
  1. 4 minutes or shorter (no approval)
  2. More than two difficulties (I mod standard, and just standard)
  3. Less than+15 priority, no bubbles
  4. If it's your first map, note it in the post and you'll get priority

To actually check if you looked at this... How many characters is your username?

Ignore this? I ignore you. If anyone above violates a rule, feel free to post past five.
If your map does not contradict any of these rules, please feel free to request! :o

Did you really read all of this? In addition to the answer of characters in your username, put your actual month of birth right after!
My deepest apologies to the people that I did ignore on the last round a few weeks back. A few personal things happened, and I would rather start new now. alone.
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