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egor nats - poslednyaya pesnya o ney

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 26 марта 2019 г. at 15:33:23

Artist: egor nats
Title: poslednyaya pesnya o ney
Tags: drum and bass dnb russian русский барханов alumetri cami gordon123 gordon yamakudzi mikan mikan- marvollo m_a_r_v_o_l_l_o shmiklak
BPM: 170
Filesize: 5321kb
Play Time: 01:44
Difficulties Available:
  1. alumetri's extra (5,45 stars, 409 notes)
  2. cami's hard (3,45 stars, 265 notes)
  3. collab easy (1,86 stars, 130 notes)
  4. gordon's normal (2,15 stars, 199 notes)
  5. her priceless beauty (5,61 stars, 419 notes)
  6. yamakudzi's insane (4,82 stars, 380 notes)

Download: egor nats - poslednyaya pesnya o ney
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Ranked #2 // egor nats Ranked #1

the "her" project's first map

я сделал последнюю карту о ней.

collab easy - daycore and mikan- (i mapped evens, he mapped odds)
normal - gordon123
hard - cami
insane - yamakudzi
extra - alumetri
top diff - daycore

hitsounds by daycore
audio by alumetri
timings by bossandy
storyboard by shmiklak

subscribe to my youtube channel plz

Also, check my friend's Gordon123's set on егор натс - хочу к тебе, Cami and I made an Easy diff for this set
Девочка из аниме, ты следующая!
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