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Hey guys,

I was wanting to see what the interest was for a collegiate tournament for osu! I have already kinda asked around in the collegiate osu! Discord (and if you haven't joined it, go ahead at https://discord.gg/JEDafbT) and there seemed to be enough interest so I'll go ahead and ask here.

If you are in college and have some friends at your college that play, this is a calling for you! I want to have a fun tournament for classic for a bunch of teams to compete in. I currently represent Clemson Esports and have a team that would play, but I'd like to see how many people we could get for each college and what modes and what skill levels would be used. As Esports gets bigger at colleges, I think it would be cool for the rhythm gaming scene to start getting some recognition.

So if you wanna play in a collegiate competition, just let me know:
1) What college do you go to?
2) What mode would you want to play?
3) How many people could you make a team of?

Contact Info:
Discord: r3ce | DFR#8041
Email: mauricb [at] g [dot] clemson [dot] edu

  1. Clemson University
  2. Carleton University in Canada
  3. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  4. Virginia Tech
  5. University of Toronto
  6. University of California, Irvine
  7. University of California, San Diego
  8. Northeastern University in Boston, MA
This came at just the right time. I'm the organizer for my University's new competitive osu scene and i was just looking for a collegiate tournament to enter our players in

1) I'm at Carleton University in Canada
2) We have some standard taiko and mania players
3) maybe 3 or 4 depending on rank barrier (but could easily be more)

Also if you need help running the tournament I'm more than happy to help out
Sounds great! I updated my main post to have my discord/email. I think that depending on how many people we get it would be cool to have multiple divisions so that anyone that wants to play can play.
1) Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Massachusetts
2) Mania
3) I know about 3-4 people in the school who also plays mania.
1) Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
2) AFAIK, me and like two other standard players, we are holding a meeting next week though so I will get a better head count for players and game modes by then.
3) As of now, 2. Hoping to find enough players to field an actual team by next weekend though.

If only pooptarsonas was a year or two younger :(
1) University of Toronto
2) Standard
3) I can think of 4 ish people, not sure if theyre all interested but im sure i can find more players asking around
This would be pretty fun. The last couple years, our club would do one match against UCR for fun. It'd be cool to see other players as well.

1) University of California, Irvine
2) I'd like standard, but I have many friends that like and play mania.
3) I can probably say three for both standard and mania, but it might grow depending on how many (incoming) people in our club are also interested. We'll see when our school actually starts.
1) University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
2) Standard and possibly mania if there are enough people
3) For now we have at least 4 people interested in standard, but it will likely be a lot more depending on the rest of the club. Not sure about mania though.

Depending on how many people are interested we might need two teams depending on rank for standard
Added. If we get 8 that'd be a healthy number :)
1. Northeastern University, Boston, MA
2. Standard
3. 3 maybe 4

been trying to form a team at my school, this would be a good catalyst
1. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
2. Standard/Mania
3. A full team.

I am not competing.
1) What college do you go to? Centennial College in Canada
2) What mode would you want to play? Battle Royale (osu! standard)
3) How many people could you make a team of? 5-6
1) What college do you go to? Wright State University
2) What mode would you want to play? Standard
3) How many people could you make a team of? 3 minimum, I haven't looked for more players yet.
1) Rochester Institute of Tech
2) Standard
3) 4 players
1) What college do you go to? Algonquin College
2) What mode would you want to play? Standard
3) How many people could you make a team of? No clue?
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