[o!STD] Turbo Team Tournament 30k-60k 2v2 [CONCLUDED]

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Welcome to osu! Turbo Team Tournament, an osu!standard 2v2, Score V2, Team VS and Single Elimination tournament for the people ranked between 30k-60k. The brackets will have an unlimited amount of teams, depending on demand. All matches will be played in the BO3 format up to RO16, BO5 in Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, and finally a BO7 match in the Grand Finals.

A month of osu! Supporter prize will be awarded to the winning team.

Discord Invite: Click Me!

  1. There will be one ban per team.
  2. Players will !roll for the pick and ban order. Winner of roll gets second ban and first pick.
  3. In Freemod maps, teams need to pick at least one mod, meaning that only one mod is needed between both players.
  4. Allowed freemod mods are: HD, HR, EZ, FL.
  5. Players should be ready on time for their matches. There will be a maximum of 10 minutes grace period before a default occurs.

  1. Registrations start at 28th August, Tuesday
  2. Registrations close at 21st September, Friday 15:00 UTC
  3. Tournament will start at 22nd September, Saturday 15:00 UTC
  4. Tournament will be concluded as soon as possible after the start of the tournament

Hosts:Olii | Espalza

Referees: - [ N o c y ] - | ThePayneTrain | Goose Hall | HAEN24 | Spartan Plume

Mappool Selectors: Ulvind | Athrun | Lefafel

Streamers: -Haruki

Spreadsheeter: - [ N o c y ] -

Before you register, you should take note that:

  1. You have read everything and you are aware of the rules.
  2. You can make it to the matches on the mentioned date.
  3. You are in the rank range up until registration for the tournament closes. As accidents may occur, a 3k rank buffer is allowed. Make sure to not go over that.
  4. You are in the discord server
  5. You are reading #announcements and #links for updates so that you don't lose track.

Once you're ready, comment on the forum with the following details:
Team Name:
Team member 1 - Rank
Team member 2 - Rank

Espalza tourney :Ew:
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Stupid Idiot

[FA]Blank wrote:

Espalza tourney :Ew:
Not mine when it's co-hosted 8)
So is this a 2v2 or 1v1? Or maybe both?
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Stupid Idiot

Fridayy wrote:

So is this a 2v2 or 1v1? Or maybe both?
I've included it in the tournament description (right under the banner), but looks like I forgot to include it in the title as well. Thanks!
Wait i didn't realize this is your tournament lol
Any GAMER wanna team up?????

I_Rax_I - #33,112
Hantrik - #39,194
-rush - #39,658
DeSconTent - #32,678
Diempyl - 31 189
You Watanabe - 44 856
P a t r i c k
Team : Hong Land
1. My Angel Erwin -> #35,798
2. [FA]Blank -> #47.015
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