Is it a bad habit to have 85 ACC in avarage?

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I tend to get REALLY greedy for those PP that i only focus on holding the combo, and that works most of the time now that my percentage looks pretty bad. Is it in any way damaging to have a low percentage? should i work on getting better percentage whenever i FC? because when i focus only on percentage i usually dont FC but i get 90-95%.
Try to hit every single circle and slider perfectly.
I think it's no solution for this...
Woah, that's ascended happyacc right there.

Focus on hitting notes to the rhythm of the song. You'll get used to this game to a point where you'll have a metronome playing in your head in the middle of a map. Your acc will fly way up after that. Also your FCs aren't worth shit below 95 acc, so might as well focus on improving that so when you go back to FCing things you'll get massive pp. Not to mention if you ever hope to play tech well then you need finger control and accuracy.

Solarys wrote:

that's ascended happyacc right there.
Your universal offset? What latency do you play on?
To answer your question, not really, this is a combo based rhyth-aim game, you can follow the Ming path, having low acc while getting massive loads of pp. But if you dont want that, unfortunately, u just have to play more, this habit is tough to break though.
If you get higher acc you get more pp. The difference between 98% fc and 90% fc is actually higher that you might think. You could have gotten over 100 pp on ur current top play if you had 98% acc.

At the end of the day, accuracy comes down to reading. You need to know what notes to press at what time in order to get good acc. The more you play, the more patterns you learn, and the better your accuracy will be.
Get 100% on some 2* maps.
Getting low acc is a really bad habit tbh, there's isnt really a downside (or well, you don't get pp compared to 99% acc scores)
I would recommend to focus on acc till you get at least 97% acc or smth
If you're going to trigger offset good luck have fun.. Been trying the offset but its just going way worse than before so i just left it at 0ms. Experiencing kinda the same problem my top play is 84% acc and 86%. And i think i got that habit so badly that my brain doesn't care whenever i hit 100 or 300's as long as my multiplier havent been broken by a slider im good.
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