What caused you to become an Otaku?

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I think everything started from watching Digimon, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sailor Moon in preschool. When I knew how to read my older brother gave me the first volume of Dragon Ball because he didn't like ''Japanese shit'' (my dads friend gave it to him) I fell in love with it so I started to search for all the other volumes in stores nearby but instead of Dragon Ball I found Tokyo Mew Mew. I found out that there was a anime of it and started watching it and when I was done with TMM I found Sugar Sugar Rune, Shugo Chara! and started to listen to An café, Miyavi and Minimoni.

Then in 4th grade I got friends with similar interests online and it was my little secret pleasure until 5th grade when my IRL friends got to know they forced me to stop liking ''embarrassing stuff'' and be normal. In 7th grade I started to watch anime again, read some BL manga,vnowadays I like yuri more than yaoi though. I also found Perfume, Mucc, 12012 and other Japanese bands I started listening to.

And that's pretty much it.
My sister showed me Ganz (really sweet gore anime), Naruto and Azumanga Daioh. After that I just started watching other animes on my own I guess.
Also for the sake of being hipster. Not many people watched anime in my surroundings at that time, I was still in elementary school.
After that I pretty much started reading doujinshis, watching hentai and playing eroges. This made me an otaku imo.

Jeroen Mathon wrote:

I hope you liked it :D
I enjoyed reading it a lot. x3
My friend suggested me Fairy Tail and I started to search other anime by my own.
I always liked animes that were shown on tv like one piece, dragonball, and countless more

but my first anime i watched in japanese with subs was elfen lied and i loved it so much that i bought all the mangas too :D

Think that was when it all began ^^
Friends suggestion
Kyonko Hizara
I used to watch DBZ, Inuyasha, and Eureka Seven late at night on TV when I was like 4-5. I also ended up watching Sailor Moon since mother got me a video tape of it before, and then since I liked it so much she bought me more of them. I never really went through the weeaboo phase tho, even when I was younger.
watching Fairy Tail at TV and then decided to search at twitter..
and that's how it rolls goes :)
just graduated from being one
Well, I don't know If I am An Otaku or not for now... But the only thing I do first is watching Anime ( My First Anime was Naruto BTW ), then I 'm curious about Manga, so I read it too, Sometimes I am Playing Eroge too, Especially the Dating-Sims... :3
It all started on Death Note with my sadistic personality.
Ending up on going to a Anime Shop to buy the notebook.
And seeing everything...
Henceforth, Otaku :D
Sis and Bro
Call of Duty. (and boredom)

Call of Duty (Klooger28's speedruns) > osu! > Anime.
saw fma long long ago on tv and was like yes i need more
then i discovered the internet
later discovered .//hack
I started watching anime dubs at the local channels here in my country ever since I was a kid. I discovered that they air stuff that already finished or that they are delayed by tons of eps (I actually thought that they immediately dub it or something lol). Then I discovered the internet aaaaaand it started.
my friends were continuously telling me to watch it and then I watched it.
When I came into mind after that I was an Otaku
For me it wasn't anime per se but the distinctiveness of Japanese music (mostly J-pop) that got me interested in Japanese culture. The very first Japanese song I heard was something I downloaded using P2P software (KaaZaa Lite) because the Japanese in the title made me curious. Been liking Japanese music ever since. At the time I liked Pokémon too, but so did half of my school because it was all the rage then, so that doesn't really count.
Yukari Tsuki
Childhood obsession with OP/ED of anime.
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