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What caused you to become an Otaku?

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well, my friend recommend me a anime called SAO. then, I watch it.
I like it so I search more Anime things. by time passed I become a Otaku ^^

futuristech14 wrote:

well, my friend recommend me a anime called SAO. then, I watch it.
I like it so I search more Anime things. by time passed I become a Otaku ^^
kinda similar to my story xD SAO was my 3rd anime ever uvu
It all started with Death Note, after that i got hooked into it :)
Naruto *^*
This girl
cute 2d girls and lolis <3
i downloading many stuffs.. downloading is part being colector so i'm an otaku LOL
Kinda hard to explain.

I became Anime Lover (not otaku yet) since I was a child, maybe @ 8 years old. IIRC, I watched Tsubasa Reservoir and maybe naruto.
And I became an otaku @ 15 years old, when that's the 1st time I played yuri eroge, sono hanabira.
Became a real otaku (have anime related item) this year July, when I bought Reika photobook, bought VIP event ticket, and bought Kido (Mekakucity Actor) sweater

Edit: I Forgot that I read doujinshi already when I still @ 6th grader. LoL XD
My uncle taught me many things about Japan's culture and so. Also, because of him I discovered Anime and I just.. became attached to this. Since 8 years o/
First, about one year ago one of my friends recommended me to watch Clannad & After story. I went ahead and it was pretty good, but then I forgot about it for 8 months or so.

Then, I realized all the songs that give much pp are from anime so I was like -_- I must watch more anime to see what's going on here.
Yep watched Angel beats and sao and got (kind of) addicted, and here I am.

P.S. I hate you Tom94 why you make high pp songs on anime
For me it was my favourite anime of all times, "Sword Art Online". I just simply love that anime ^^
Brian OA
A need for escapism. Same thing pulled me out of that mindset later.
Watching Fairy Tail with my friend. I liked the anime and kept on watching it at home.
Vocaloid, after knowing Vocaloids, I started to know about anime more, because of Vocaloid songs hue
I shared rooms with my mom and brother before. The room had a tv and whenever my brother would wake up first, he'd turn on the tv and switch the channel to animax where it showed nostalgic anime. (detective conan, black jack etc) so yeah, that's about it. ;)
Actually I'd say, it was osu xd.
I used to come across anime-stuff many times before but never got interested in it. Then after some time spent in osu, I've decided to give it a shot. However I'm far from calling myself an otaku, it's just that I enjoy anime stuff :P
Well i became a Otaku because of the best actions , romance , and comedy like Gintama well i laugh so hard in dat anime so i learned about there styles and trivia .. i've watched 340 + animes and played so many animes like for example Dragonball and Fate/Zero
Well my older bro told me to watch Zero No Tsukaima. (that was the first real anime I've ever watched)
And I liked it so he told me more about it so yeah, that was like 5 years ago. 'Till the day I'm glad and I don't regret liking anime. :3
From the start:

  1. Having a computer
  2. Got internet
  3. Played COD
  4. Discovered osu! through someone playing COD | Q1 2012
  5. Downloaded osu! because yeah | Q2 2012
  6. Got bored of osu! and tried to find something else to enjoy | Q3 2012
  7. Googled "blue hair anime girl" because curious
  8. Lucky Star appeared
  9. Watched the first episode.
  10. Enjoyed it
  11. Then everything else happened.
I think I became otaku by some funny anime movies like Sora no Otoshimono and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. No game no life also.:P
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