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About Me

Only mod Catch the Beat map
Maybe I'm not a good mapper or modder
You can ask me in the game or send message if you have any question

Current Status


General Rules

  1. I can use Chinese or English , but my English is not good .
  2. Can't be NSFW (like 18+ BG or some thing) .
  3. I'm not to mod or GD your map when you don't finish it yet .
  4. I will check it if my GD diff get some mod .
  5. I can mod for you no matter whether your beatmaps are ranking-oriented or not , but you have to take everything seriously .
  6. I can mod and GD any difficulty , but maybe Platter to Overdose is better .
  7. I do accept long maps , actually , I prefer original version over TV size version .
  8. I can accept any genres , I favorite is Instrumental btw .
  9. Don't complain when I decline your request .
  10. Don't post requests twice in the same map .

Mod and GD Rules

  1. Can't promise I will accept your map , I can reject the map if I don't like the music or I'm too busy at that time .
  2. If you want to mod , Maybe I can't give you some useful suggestions .
  3. If I forget your M4M requset, please keep on reminding me until I mod your map .
  4. I will finish M4M first and then NM .
  5. If you're GD request , I don't know how long do I finish it,buz I'm very lazy some time .
  6. If you want to delete or modify my GD diff , plz ask me first .
  7. Wait for my reply , no matter I accept or decline your request .
  8. If you're M4M request , you need mod my map first , and then I will mod your map .
  9. I will hype your map , if i feel it is very good .
  10. That's all . Maybe I will add new rule in the future .

  1. Type of request :
  2. Artist - Title :
  3. Genre :
  4. Length :
  5. Map link :
  6. (If M4M) Which map do you want to mod :
  7. (If GD) Which diff do you want :
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