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Current Priority: +0
osu with it's own tablet driver

as we all know osulazer's being developing and seems able to work on Linux,i'm so happy to see your hardwork've made osu progressed in many many ways,and tell the truth:to see osu!lazer working on linux made me very excited,but in fact there 's almost no tablet have it's own driver for linux or the other ..But many players get used to play osu with tablet,not able to play osu with mouse well..(maybe)
So why don't we add the tablet driver function for osu to solve this problem? and that we can setting the size of tablet mapping in game
[s]i dont know if tablet mapping's to the meaning of“数位板映射“[/s]
,to set up default mapping size is also able to make our game fairer(for news)

that's my suggestion
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