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REAL - REduce Audio Latency

Huge shoutout to sol_azul on reddit for pointing out the part of Windows Audio Engine documentation that made this possible.

What does this do?
As the title implies, this application reduces perceived delay between a keypress and the audio feedback. The application is not limited to osu! but also works on the vast majority of other games and programs running on Windows 10.

My 40.3ms average delay in osu! dropped down to 31ms after installing Windows HDAudio driver and enabling low latency mode with REAL, but your mileage may wary.

To achieve the best results please follow the setup instructions.

This will be hot 👌 does this also apply to Windows 7 fa?

oSumAtrIX wrote:

does this also apply to Windows 7
This application makes use of an Audio Engine's feature that has been introduced since Windows 10. Running REAL on older OS versions (Windows 8.1 and earlier) should not have an effect to audio latency.

If lower audio latency is what you're after, just installing Windows 10 will bring a 4.5-16ms reduction in round-trip latency for all applications.
35ms is still awful, and you won't get <10ms without ASIO (which isn't supported for some reason) anyway, sorry to disappoint.
Buy a new computer
thanks this works insta noticeably and very appreciably

aside from reducing audio latency would it also make windows audio more accurate than up to 10ms?

the second one would be a revelation, if od11 300s are allowed to be up to 12ms off in one direction but the hitsounds always needed to be 10ms off to sound off. od11 always required you to play better than what you can even HEAR, and that complicated stuff a lot... especially that all of this wasn't even consistent

Momi wrote:

would it also make windows audio more accurate than up to 10ms?
REAL takes the default HDAudio driver's 10ms buffer and shrinks it down to around 2.7ms, but there's more.

Taken from Low Latency Audio documentation:
When an application uses buffer sizes below a certain threshold to render and capture audio, the OS enters a special mode, where it manages its resources in a way that avoids interference between the audio streaming and other subsystems. This will reduce the interruptions in the execution of the audio subsystem and minimize the probability of audio glitches.
To me this reads as though Windows 10 will indeed make an effort to push the audio stream out faster in addition to what REAL does. This would explain why I see people experiencing more than 10ms reduction in latency, and I would expect a similar result on your setup.

Love the fact that your forum signature contains the word "REAL" in all-caps.
I know this thread is old but I just wanted to mention how much I appreciate this. I've spent hours trying every method I could find to make osu to feel "right" and was never able to. Eventually I learned to turn up my headphones, crank the hitsounds, and basically detach from what my fingers were doing and (try) to adjust accordingly.

Switching my audio driver and using this program made an immediately noticeable impact. I've played with it for a few hours now and it's made osu(mania) feel like a whole new game, in a good way. I've already been able to breeze through a few maps that had me hanging on for dear life just a day or two ago.

The hardest part now will be to "unlearn" the huge amount of rushing that I've subconsciously built into my play. It feels amazing to relax and let my ears and hands be in sync again.

Thank you! Now I can't help but wonder how amazing it would be to have ASIO support...
Thanks c:
From me too a big thanks :) Would never play osu! without it again.
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