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Hi, my name is Roary. I'm going to keep it nice and simple, I started playing osu! around 4 days ago and it has become my favorite game. I'm quite sad I never came across osu! before as it has been out for many years. I decided to introduce myself because I don't really know anybody and I'm always looking to make new friends. From my couple days of being active on the forums I can see it's a wonderful community full of kind people. :)

- If anybody would like to add me I'd be more than happy to be your friend! ・ᴗ・
Hello, Welcome to the forums!
hi roary, welcome to the forums

other than that, don’t be sad that you never came across this game even though it has been released for many years. Others can say the same if the game has been released for a month, year, decade (as kinda of right now) or even century (if this game is still relevant).

i can tell you for sure this community is generally better than other communities, you might be interested in this one :)

..and ill be sure to add you cuz i need some friends too :D even though i have only played this for three months, i actually already knew this game since the end of october last year, it wasn’t until the last days of may this year i finally got a pc replacement haha

once again, have fun! just don’t ragequit, keep calm and click circles. I hope you have a whale of a time! just don’t waste all your money buying supporter especially since you’re new kthxbye
welcome to the forums ily
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Luqanted wrote:

welcome to the forums ily
welcome :)
Welcome! Enjoy it here.
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