[Open] WaffleEater's Modding Queue - NM/M4M/GD (Standard)

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Waffle's Modding Queue!
Status: OPEN

What I NM/GD?
  1. I NM/GD everything except meme song
  2. I NM/GD only Insane & Expert
  3. I NM only song under ~3:30 mins
  4. I GD only song under ~2 mins
  5. You've more chance to get modded an anime song :3

How Request NM/GD
Write a post with the following things:
  1. Song Name
  2. Artist
  3. Length
  4. What you want (NM/GD)
  5. What difficulty (Insane/Expert) (If there is more than one Insane/Expert, tell me the name of the difficulty) (if you chose GD, tell me the diff name)
    Example | Diff Name: _____'s Another
Obviously, you must put the link!

What I do per day: 3 5 NM & 1 GD

Something about GD
There isn't a specific period of when I do GDs, every GD will take it own time to be created so, I'll PM me you in game (or I send a message through the forum) if I'll GD your map.
Anime Song have more chance to be choosen :3
GD done so far:
Jannahh | *namirin - Hitokoto no Kyori

GD Accepting: Yes

M4M/GD4GD/NM4GD/GD4NM requests:
NM4GD: I do Normal Mod for Guest Diff
GD4NM: I do Guest Diff for Normal Mod

Thaehan - Overpowered
VINXIS - Applause

Before posting, make sure that your beatmap is timed correctly!
Write "Spaghetti", "Pizza" or "Patatine" if you readed!
  1. I don't like the song
  2. You dind't respect the rules
  3. I'm busy

Simple Post, Simple Rules, not hard, ja?
NM please
2:32 drain time
Can you take a look at another and extra difficulty? Pizza.
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JeZag wrote:

NM please
2:32 drain time
Can you take a look at another and extra difficulty? Pizza.
I'll check it out.
NM please
Insane, 4.84 star diff
Length: 1:34
Spaghetti, and thank you!
i like pineapple pizza. mods would be appreciated a lot! thanks
Kaneki Zet
5,78 diff (Expert)
Length: 2:13
Pizza :P
NM request
Diff: The end is close (5.81*)
Pizza > Spaghetti > Patatine
Thank you!
hi gd
any diff except i gotta be the highest (less than 5.4*)
Length: 1:36
(its japanese and moe, pizza)
NM Please.
1:28 length.
Extreme PASSION and Itasha's Insane.
Thank you!
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NM of today:
  1. JeZag | Praeteritum - Blacklolita [Another]
  2. donjuan | Caramel Heaven - yuikonnu [Patiserrie]
  3. MonsterZet | oyasumi - Shiggy Jr. [1,2,3, oyasumi]

GD chosen: [completed]
Jannahh | Hitokoto no Kyori - *namirin [Waffle's Affection] 5.43*
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