Don't let the OT Royal Society take our 99% alcohol away!!!

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Dear denizens, I speak to you today as the head of the OT Royal Society of Quality. I first subtly introduced 99% alcohol during the successful launch of my performance improvement product, the osu!pill . Since then 99% alcohol has been a staple of many things in this land - from drinking until one joins the great OT gods, getting drunk enough to do shit that gets you shot by the lords, to just getting drunk and throw shitposts at each other.

However, there was an incident several thousand posts ago that created a stir among the OT Royal Society. I'm sure you had heard the rumors that
over 2000 barrels of 99% alcohol got washed away. While this did not affect OT significantly, the 99% alcohol made its way to neighboring land's water supply, G&R. The effects of this were rather unfortunate... I admit the supply was not secure enough and there some I will not name who are at fault here, but the solution to this is not to ban 99% alcohol.

I attempted all I could do to halt the progress of passing the ban, however there is so much I can do being part of a branch that just "pretties OT". Please lend me your support and let's show the OT Royal Society that we want our 99% alcohol!
I drink responsively

- Thirty-six seconds before disaster
Don't listen to this false prophet that wishes to close down our bazaar by allowing 99% alcohol onto the market again, only to be heavily regulated and discontinued.

Keep the black market intact!
Drink water you fucks
Kill all sion.

levesterz wrote:

Kill all sion.
But sion is best girl :(
guys, water is a much healthier alternative
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