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Osu! I need to talk with one staff if some staff is reading this i completed the beatmap The Light two times and i picked the S rank in this two time...
But dont apeared the S rank in my beatmap list some staff can help me with that? i have evidences
i can show to us to i pick my rank i can pass very, very... and very times but i dont can pick my S rank
soo... its this.
It could be due to a number of reasons, sometimes it takes time to appear. Just make sure that you have internet connection so that your scores get submitted and you're not using any modes such as relax and auto-pilot. if that's not the case, please provide any screenshots showing the issue.
It could also be that you didn't beat your previous record, therefore it didn't overwrite the old one.

Anyway, just play it again, you can even get a better record next time.
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