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I downloaded a couple of beatmap packs yesterday, unpacked them, moved them into the Songs folder. Then i got ingame tried one of the maps and my ms increased from 0.8ms ingame to 2ms ingame. The difference is distinguishable. I play on 1920x1080@75 Fullscreen Unlimited FPS. Game version: Stable 20180626.1
I tried;
  1. Playing different beatmaps
  2. Restarting osu!
  3. Reprocessing maps
  4. Limiting FPS
  5. Using compatibility mode
  6. Reduce dropped frames
  7. Setting the CPU priority of osu! to High
  8. Restarting computer

Restarting computer worked temporarily while others didn't work at all.

I searched but couldn't find anything related to my issue. Sorry if this a repost.
Thanks for spending time and reading this.
The images you posted aren't showing.

Have you tried changing your frame limiter to 240 instead? Unlimited can cause some fps spikes at times.

Also, you could try to make a fresh database once again by deleting the file "osu!.db" from your osu! folder.
I'm aware that the images are not showing both here and the me! section. I added an imgur link directly to the album.

Limiting the fps at 240 makes it worse, stabilizing at 4 ms. I also noticed that it jumps to 2 ms from 0.8 ms when i move my mouse. Before this issue it was jumping from 0.5 ms to 0.8 ms.

I tried deleting the "osu!.db" file and nothing changed.
Did you install any new drivers lately? Have you tried checking for updates for your graphic drivers?
I installed Windows 10 KB4340917 Public update and GeForce Game Ready Driver 398.82 2 days ago when the problem started occuring.
Have you tried reverting the changes and testing it again? Maybe these new updates are causing these issues.
I doubt that the updates are the issue because I installed them after the problem first happened as a potential fix. But I am suspicious of Chrome. I uploaded a random screenshot ingame then pasted it in chat then clicked on it again then closed Chrome and the ingame ms was back up to 2.
Maybe Chrome is using too much ram in this case.

At this point, have you tried testing osu! for a few minutes with Chrome completely closed?
It appears that the issue magically got fixed because no matter how much I try I can't get 2 ms.
Thanks for the help.
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