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To clarify things from the very beggining:
I didn't, nor plan to use any kinds of cheats, third-party software nor use bugs in this game.
I am genuinely a fan of this game, and it brought me to a poit where I bought a piece of equipment that allows me to extend my in-game abilities - a way better mouse.


I recently bought Razer mouse(details about which on me! section of my profile) and use Razer Synapse 3.0 software to use its full potential. (the cool chroma stuff currently and media control). I found out it has an ability to use macros to be bound on mouse buttons.

I KNOW that macros are strictly banned from usage as an in-game cheat, but what I wanted to use them for was quickly "typing in" my filters and selecting mods.

To be precise:
right bottom button - typing "mode=osu status=ranked " (to filter out maps that i cant farm pp on) 8-)
right top button - pressing, in that order: F1 1 2 (resetting mods quickly) :lol:

I WON'T use any of those until someone from moderation/administration will say its a legal thing - to prevent myself from getting banned.

Thanks for your time and sorry if this was asked multiple times already.


osu! version: 20180626.1
You should email osu@ppy.sh and ask if it's allowed or not.
As long as you don't use them while playing they shouldn't cause any harm.
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