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trying to install osu on an old cpu for the first time. game keeps crashing, ive never gotten it to load. everytime i try to open the game or the installer eventually the samme error pops up. i dont really know what to do.

this google drive folder is a folder with a DxDiag dump, images and stuff i think will be able to help. if u need any more info just ask and tell me where to find it.


tbh i doubt osu will even run on this trash oc a cpu, no matter what i do. its an OLD work pc, but better try and fail then not try at all! :-)
Your GPU does not support the required OpenGL version to run the latest osu! builds. There are two ways to get back to an older version of osu! so that you can play the game:

  1. Open your osu! folder (the default path is "C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\osu!")
  2. Edit the file named "osu!.cfg" in notepad (you may need to enable file extensions to make it easier to find)
  3. Set the "_ReleaseStream" line equal to "Stable" (e.g. _ReleaseStream = Stable)
  4. Save the file and reopen osu!

If that doesn't work, download this installer (direct download link) and run it. If you already have a previous osu! installation with maps, skins, etc, make sure you change the installation path to the correct location on your computer. Otherwise it might install to a different location and you will need to move all of your maps and other data over manually.
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