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Problem Details: Good morning, I am playing osu on Mac and the problem is:
When I play in multi it doesn't switch windows to download the beatman when I click on it. Then I click, and nothing happens. I MUST quit osu to download and then return but they already began :/
That happened many months ago when I started playing mania in multiplayers, many weeks ago that switched windows with a stylish animation but now the same problem as before :/
Moreover I can't switch windows in fullscreen (sliding 3 fingers) whereas 1 year ago I could do this (when I began playing osu)

Sincerely yours, JVGamer14

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20160403.6
You probably do not have a default browser set, Go into your browser's settings and set it as default. Also, make sure you're logged on the website to be able to download beatmaps.
Use command+tab or F3 to switch windows (after you've clicked on the beatmap, obviously)
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