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Hey, everyone!

The osu!mania World Cup 2018 tournament has come to a close, and the osu!mania 4K World Cup 2018 will be commencing soon. Registration for the tournament is up until the 8th of August 2018, so if you'd like to play in the tournament, be sure to sign up!

There will be two map selectors for this tournament (Kamikaze and myself), and just like the last osu!mania World Cup, we would love to see what the community has to offer in order to have more maps to choose from for 4K MWC 2018.

You can access the form to put in your suggestions here.

The same rules for suggestions last time apply and are as follows. Be sure to read them before submitting your suggestions:
  1. All maps suggested MUST be currently submitted to the osu! website.

  2. There will not be any mod brackets in the tournament Suggested maps for either DoubleTime, HardRock or any visual mod will not be accepted.

  3. We do not accept autoconverted maps from osu!standard. You can tell whether or not a map is from osu!standard by the star symbol listed on a difficulty in the beatmap page.

  4. You cannot send any maps that are in map collections. A map collection would be something like CHALLENGE 006 or BMS Delaypack Side A. Basically any mapset with multiple mp3 files. The only exception to this would be a mapset where it includes only sped-up mp3s, like Evening's licca. You can however ask the mapper to upload it apart of the set and then suggest it.

  5. You can suggest dumps. A dump chart is defined as a chart that does not follow the convention of adding notes only when sounds are there to physically justify them. There are some edge cases where we won't consider some of them but feel free to suggest them anyways as we will be the ones considering those options.

  6. You are allowed to suggest red line gimmick maps but we encourage you not to do so. This type of map can break the tournament client and maps like those are usually ignored, but you are still free to suggest them.

  7. We do not accept maps with inappropriate (18+/NSFW) content. Suggestive imagery, gore and all those are not allowed. If you believe that the map has something debatably inappropriate, you're better off not suggesting it.

  8. We do not accept converted maps from other rhythm games, unless you are the creator of said map. This applies even if the person has given explicit permission to convert their charts to osu!mania.

  9. 4K only. The osu!mania 7K World Cup tournament will be hosted next year (hopefully).

  10. Keep in mind that suggestions filled in as a reply to this thread will not be considered - you must use this form.

Suggesting a map does not guarantee the map will appear in the mappools. However, every suggestion will be checked and considered provided it follows the guidelines above.

Remember that this thread is not for osu!mania 4K World Cup 2018 discussion. You can find that thread here.
If you have any questions, be sure to post below!
you can tell this was copy pasted from last year cuz "CHALLENGE 006" doesnt exist anymore

qqqant wrote:

you can tell this was copy pasted from last year cuz "CHALLENGE 006" doesnt exist anymore

Also I don't mean to be picky but I'm going to be picky anyway.

"Charter" is incorrect terminology because here they are called "maps" not "charts". Sorry >_<
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