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Problem Details:
So basicly what title says, game starts stuttering after 10 or 15 minutes of gameplay.

My pc specs are:

I5 4460 3.2ghz

Gtx 650 With latest drivers

1 TB HHD and 128gb SSD

Gigabye ga-z97p-d3 motherboard

List of things that i have tried to fix my issue:

Fresh Windows install

Changed graphics cards (From R9 380 to Gtx 650)

Tried 2 different amd gpu drivers and 1 nvidia driver

Installed latest version of windows 10 (Build 1803)

Installed latest drivers from driver booster

Installed game both on ssd and hdd

Tried disabling full screen optimizations

Closed all background programs that were running

Tried changing priorities in task manager to normal and high

Tried cutting edge and stable release streams

Disabled all detail settings in osu

Tried capping my frame rate to 999

Tried using compatibilty mode

Tried using reduce dropped frames

Tried using 120hz instead of 144hz

Disabled all game dvr shit and even uninstalled xbox app from my pc

Tried different power options

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Don't have a video or screenshot because it's not possible to get them on video or even screenshot i think.

osu! version: 20180730

Thank you!
Make sure you read this post and try out what's in there.
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