Leevi "thelewa" Juusela 1995-2018

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Rest in peace Leevi :(
Rest in peace
Rest in peace.
Rest in peace
Rest In Peace.
Ruhe in Frieden
Rest in Peace.
I just came back from vacation, and saw this...

Rest in peace, Leevi.
This... Is so sad...rest in peace T-T
Rest In Peace. Osu Legend
Usui Takumi-kun
Rest in peace. You will never be forgotten
Rest in peace Leevi. You're in a better place now.
I hope you are better, where you are now.
It's so hard to read about a person, struggling with life so much...

My condolences to friends and family.
rest in peace.
I'm sorry I might be a little late on this one, but as usual I'm really out of the loop, and I learnt about this calamity only a few days ago. To be fair, I'm still struggling to cope with this horrendous fact.

Even though I knew Thelewa only as an osu! player, the message about his death struck me as if he'd been my close friend. Although we've never met, I feel like I owe really much to him. It's truly excruciating just to think how such a great person of that young age lost his battle with depression.

One of my best and most uplifting memories of 2013-14 (the peak of his activity on twitch.tv, and, by coincidence, rather grievous period of my life) is his livestreams. During long talks with his viewers, Thelewa presented his unique personal philosophy. I can say he really changed my outlook on improving in life - particularly his invaluable practice of rethinking the purpose of overcoming some arbitrary problems (for the sole sake of having them solved) before dedicating one's life to tackling them, has since been leading me through various affairs of my adulthood. I also couldn't stop admiring how such a young person was capable of presenting reflections so thoughtful and mature.
After he became inactive in the game, I still wanted to hear from him. I would check his profile almost everyday, watch every video he posted on his userpage (especially that one acid techno mix, which kept me sane when I was studying for my finals some years ago). I'm grateful to him for introducing to me many great beatmaps.
His numerous tips helped players all around the world. His clever responses to questions on his ask.fm provided his fans with hours of laughs.

It's really bitter that I'm never going to meet him in real life, that I will never have a chance of engaging in a group discussion with him...
or simply hear his cheerful voice again...

You inspired many.
By many you will be remembered and missed.
Goodbye, and thank you for everything, Leevi.

My Angel Ceui
Rest in peace Leevi
rest in peace my guy, you seemed like the real OG
I hope you rest in peace, our great, legendary philosopher
Rest in Peace
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