Leevi "thelewa" Juusela 1995-2018

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lepää rauhassa leevi..
thelewa you are the best.
Rest in peace.
Wasn't ready to hear about this ever.

You were super nice every encounter we've had.
I'm sorry for your loss :/, hopefully things will get better...
Rest in Peace, best wishes to his family and closest friends.
This actually made me cry.

When I started playing osu! I adored him very much, and my dream was to someday compete with him. He was so nice when I met him at Finland Summer Assembly 2013 and I asked him to play one beatmap he had never heard. He downloaded it instantly, even his friends were about to go for a walk and were rushing him. He played the fking map at highest difficulty without a single mistake. I don't know him personally but I still wish he could have been here much longer.

Leevi, you will always be the hero I admire whenever I launch osu! and will be remembered as a legend, a title you deserved.

I'm so sorry. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace <3
Rest in peace.
Rest in peace
Fallen Drop
Lepää rauhassa
May he rest in peace. Depator, that was a great text, yet really sad. It really moved me and and I was quite in tears after reading it. These kind of emotions hit me, even though I only met him once. This must be hard for you as well. My condolences. Take care. I just can't believe this is true.
Rest in peace, i know that he's watching us from above :')
Wish I could've been there for you man... sadly I never knew you outside of osu. I remember you asking what your tablet settings were and never changed the area settings til this day. Enjoyed your streams. Hope to find some past streams online to remember you by. Those legendary plays are timeless. Rest in peace
Rest in Peace Leevi. Everytime when some ask me who are my favorite osu! players, it's always you on the list, and that will never change, even if you're not here with us. Even apart from osu!, your personality within the community really helped lighten up the attitude.
RIP, i hope he is playing osu in heaven right now :(
Condolences to the family and friends.

Thank you for your influence, Leevi.
RIP, Thanks for all the great scores and contents
Damn bro. This is too sad. I chatted with him a few times, years ago. Just being a fanboy over his skill. He was a cool dude. Sad to see him go.

Rest in peace.
I started to play osu in his glory days and I was impressed by his skills and great plays, was a player who inspired me. I'm not believing it to be true. I did not know Leevi personally but I feel like I know him so much, and it really hurts me. My deepest condolences and i wish that family and closest friends find through these messages the support and the consolation needed to move on. Thelewa will always live in our hearts, rest in peace.
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