Leevi "thelewa" Juusela 1995-2018

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I wasn't around to see his streams, nor did I have any real context on who he was outside of the crazy accuracy plays I watched on Youtube, but it was apparent how influential of a player and loved of a person he was. The bits and pieces I heard of his current life situation from various sources did not paint the most hopeful image of him in my mind and it's really sad to see it go all the way to this.

Rest in peace.
Really sad to hear this. Only met him once or twice years ago but he seemed like a such cool dude. Rest in peace mate :(
Though I may not have known him outside of watching the occasional stream/play, this is still really sad to hear. Rest in peace Leevi, my thoughts are with his family.
I've been around this game for quite a long time, whilst I was never close to him. He was always a really good guy, and the few times I've interacted with him I could sense that he was very troubled, but tried his best to keep going. He was a funny, warm, and caring individual. I've been missing his presence in this community for quite a while. Rest in peace Leevi.
Rest in Peace Leevi, you will always be part of the great community that osu is, and we will never forget you.
I can't believe what I'm hearing, no way lewa... We will cherish all the great moments you have given us, the skills, the memes, the streams. You will never be forgotten, Rest in peace Leevi
Rest in peace Thelewa. You were a legend and you won't be forgotten. All the best for his family too.
Holy crap... RIP...
Rest in peace Leevi

He was not just that glorious hdhr player I'd see on top of leaderboards and be massively inspired by when I started playing, he was also more importantly that entertaining, kind, all-around wonderful personality you could get to experience while glued to one of his streams, or scrolling down his askfm for hours on end.
He had a fantastic sense of humor and brought a lot of smiles to people with it. Rankings are only temporary.
He secured a place in our hearts, permanently.

Rest in peace Leevi, you will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace :(
lepää rauhassa
Leevi was one of my first friends when i moved to Kokkola and he welcomed me with open arms... i always admired him because he could dedicate every cell on his body to the thing he wanted to do... he thought me lots about pc stuff and helped me with school work... we had so many laughs watching anime and just talking about random shit... i still can't comprehend this and in my mind i want to believe he is just playing osu in some cave alone like he used to... rest peace dear friend... i will never forget you or our time together... it's your time to conquer the scene of osu in heave... thank you for everything...
Rest in peace.
One of the most interesting players ever to be in the community. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many. Rest in peace, lewa
Rest in peace
Won't be forgotten
Rest in peace, thelewa, we'll never forget you.
I am not sure who he was but he seems to have affected a great amount of people in this community, and for that I say I hope he rests in peace. Rip thelewa
Rest in peace Leevi thelewa
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