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Leevi "thelewa" Juusela 1995-2018

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This is so sad for me personally. He was the biggest inspiration and benchmark for me back when I started in early 2014 when he was at the top and even still to this day. His streams were the most entertaining out of every other person I have watched and I always tuned in when he went live. I always hoped that he came back when he took long breaks from the game and when he did it made me so happy and filled me with motivation to go play more and try to become as good as him some day. I hoped that I could have gotten to talk with him more and get to know him better since he had some similar ideals as I did and I admired his intelligence, but in the end I wasn't able to. He will always continue to inspire me as a player and I will never forget who he was as a person.

Lepää rauhassa, Leevi.
Rest in Peace buddy, I still remember your Lets Go FC SS like it was yesterday. Hope your in a better place.
Rest in Peace Leevi.
You will always be remembered.
Mayu Sakuma
RIP Former #1 player
That’s really sad to hear that...
Rest in peace :c
Rest in peace Leevi.

You were one of the first players I found out about when I first started the game. Makes me so sad to see such a good person pass at such a young age...

I will continue to use you as an example of what a great person is in the future <3
hope ur doing okay up there. RIP.
Rest is peace Lewa... You was a great figure what i admired a LOT
Rest in peace 🙏
Riku on osu
rest in peace, lewa
RIP, thoughts are with the family
What he left is what he gave us to remember him by. Though he may be gone, what he left behind for us to remember will allow him to live on forever in our memories.
He can rest happy now, knowing that the community he loved will always remember him.

Rest in peace Leevi.
Lepää rauhassa, Leevi.

En ikinä tuntenut sua erityisen henkilökohtaisesti, vaikka oltiinkin julkisissa chateissa melkein päivittäin tekemisissä joskus vuosien 2011 ja 2013 välillä, mutta tavalla jos toisellakin olit joka tapauksessa hyvin hyvin tärkeä osa suomalaista osu!-yhteisöä. Monet hyvät hetket on tullut jaettua joskus yläaste- ja lukioaikoina #finnish-kanavalla, vaikka suurimmaksi osaksi vaan perseiltiin ja katottiin kuinka nopeasti saadaan mutet, ja vaikken koskaan pelannut standardia, olit mun suurin idoli omassa pelimodessasi. Viimeiset, suuret kiitokset sulle.
Rest in peace ;w;
Even though I didn't know you personally, I've heard a lot of good things about you.
Rest In Peace.
Rest In Peace lewa
Such an inspiration to other players. You'll be deeply missed, rest in peace lewa.
my original inspiration for ever trying to learn this game. the first livestreamer i actively followed and subscribed.
fantastic entertainer and a personality, not to mention an incredible player.

rest in peace. :(
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