How to map Hard diffs and below

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I'm mapping Crack Traxxxx, which is 220 BPM for those who don't know. Trying to map low diffs for a 220 BPM song makes me want to kms, because everything is so slow in relation to the fast-paced, energetic music. I can't handle low diffs for normal BPM songs, because I have no idea what sounds are important and which sounds should be missed, and what spacing is acceptable and what isn't. I'm trying to keep it under 3.5 stars, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

TL;DR - What spacing and rhythms are acceptable for hard diffs and below, especially ones for high BPM.
If you timed well the map, just put the 1/2 and place the things you want on that spots. Just make the player feel the rhythm. Also you can make long streams using 1/4, this is a thing that 3stars maps usually don't have, and when I play that, I would like some fast but easy streams there.
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