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I'm not sure if anyone else is facing this problem but I've been tackling this particular issue for a few months now. It might not even be a stretch to say that I've faced this issue since the first time since I downloaded osu, but I can't say for sure.

Basically, whenever I try to use fullscreen mode, when it restarts to apply the changes, it takes a solid minute. And when it loads in, it's really laggy in terms of FPS and input. Gameplay-wise, it's horrible. I get freezes every 2 seconds and input lag becomes an issue too.

I'm not really sure how to resolve this issue so I've come to this forum seeking help. Hopefully I can get some tips.
If you have compatibility mode on as well as VSync and options like shaders etc.. try turning those off and see if it helps. (here)

And if you could screenshot your osu! settings that would be great. (Shift+F12)
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