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After installing the unofficial update to Osu for Mac, typing in the Song Selection or Options Menu seems to crash my game. I can still type in chat though. This happens on the Beta and Stable versions.

When typing any key, (not including the function buttons; they work fine) the game freezes, and two other applications appear next to Osu.

The first one is the 'Wine Debugger' and the other is 'Program Error'.

Quitting the 'Program Error' or Osu itself doesn't do anything, however quitting the Wine Debugger quits everything above.

I haven't seen anything about this in forums, so I don't know if it's my computer that's causing the problem, or Osu itself.
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Turns out I had to set my keyboard to a US one, instead of the UK one I was previously using.
so is the issue resolved or do you still require help?
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