Yet Another Taiko Ranking Dojo : A fanmade Dan-i Dojo (段位道場) (V1.1)

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Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since osu!taiko exists and there's still no Dan courses/dojo made.
There were attemps, but any finished version (Maybe tasuke super complete one with maps only made for it soon ?)

So i decided to make one, and since create this kind of stuff is a pretty hard exercise, i hope you can give feedback and charts suggestions to make it a good skill test.

Quick Reminder : What is a Dan-i Dojo ?

In original Taiko No Tatsujin AC games, you play these to rate your skill level ("Dan-i" means Grade)
A Dan-i Dojo consist in original AC games of 3 songs played in a row, and if you manage to get a score that respect the "clear conditions" of the Dojo you get the grade/title that correspond.

It's another way to find your level in Taiko, instead of PP system and rankings

Yet Another Taiko Ranking Project :


- no std converts

- 3 songs : total must be less than 8 min length

- 12 - 15 levels (Level 1 will be for ppl who can FC Muzukashi and clear "easy" Oni)

- 2 kind of clear : Normal Clear (minimal percentage of notes to hit ) and Gold Clear (minimal Accuracy to get)

- Try to avoid only High/low SV charts

- Try to avoid official TnT charts (since there's already Ranking Courses of them)

- Try to avoid too longs maps

- Try to avoid bpm speed up/slow down of maps

- something accesible (no flashy/advanced graphics/storyboard for now)

- Using mostly ranked/loved maps because they can be considered as "the osu!taiko songlist"

- For the beginning, no advanced graphics/storyboard.

Composition of a Course :

- 1 Technical chart (BPM variations, SV changes)

- 1 Stamina chart (Tiring stuffs : longs stream/high bpm with few/any breaks)
(NOTE : The notion of stamina is almost inexistant in low SR maps, so i try to put stuff hard to
FC without combobreak, like long/tricky streams)

- 1 Speed chart
(Maps with 1/4 hard to hit cause of speed/density )

(Of course, it's not that accurate, especially for the firsts levels)

- EZ, HT, relax and auto mods are forbidden.

- Pauses are forbidden. (even if i can't verify it without video/multiplayer :( )
Features :
- Every Level is OD5 HP0 (Because if you pass these as a map "doesn't matter")
- Every Level have 2 kind of clear : Normal Clear (number of notes to hit) and Gold Clear (Accuracy to get)
- 14 levels available (maybe i will put a level between 13 and 14 in the future)
- The BG of Levels show clear conditions, and maps name, diffs and creators (sorry for BG quality i'm not a graphist)
- The tags contains the name of every mappers/creators if a least one of theirs maps were used to make a level.

You can see every map used with the creators/diff/SR/DL links here

Preview :

Download Lastest Version (V1.1)

old versions :

2018/08/06 : V1.1
Level 7 improved : Unpleasant Sonata -> Collapse
Level 12 improved : Blastix Riotz -> Bonefir & Circus Galop -> Chronoxia
2018/08/05 : Fixed slighy off timing in Level 10
2018/08/04 : Fixed Level 4 & Improve the doc
2018/08/03 : Changed HP5 to HP0
2018/08/03 : Forum Creation

You can post your scores even if you don't clear

Hope you have fun, and don't hesitate to give feedback/suggestions.

Oh this is great, I'll make sure to give this to new players!!!
That'll be good.
I'm still intermediate and it helps me as i thought. Good job, i'll try to play this.
The second song on level 4 is very mistimed.
Approved, even with my low level ;)
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Thank you for the returns !

I Fix the level 4 timing, thank you for reporting it !
Level 10 - OMAKENO STRIKE offset is bad, all notes are about 25ms early
Topic Starter
Fixed offset in Level 10 !
Thank you reporting !
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UPDATE : V1.1 available, levels 7 and 12 are now improved !
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