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Current Priority: +0
Before you read this, I know there is 'osu!' app already out.

There should be an official osu! app where you can play osu! normally. I dislike the current 'osu!' app on the App Store, because it is so outdated and does not feel like the real 'osu!' we have on PC. Also, you have limited access to maps on the actual 'osu!' app. You are stuck to 2 pre-installed maps and then only a few select few which cost $1.99 USD just to purchase. There should be a whole new 'osu!' app created where it revolves around the current 'osu!' game on pc or the current 'osu!' app should be updated and fixed up. I think it would also grow the 'osu!' community. This is just an idea, idk.
It sure would be a good idea, but it would probably be hard to implement since osu! is only meant to be played on PC's and probably most phones won't be able to handle it.

Good thought!
I think that is the eventual goal with osu!lazer. Not 100% sure
As an alternative, you can Malody
I agree with this, Osu should make an official osu application on mobile i played the fake ones and it isn't much fun in my opinion also make the game for ios and android.
A new Osu! app is a good idea, but it might take up a lot of space on the phone. But I love the idea and I would like that a lot. Like osu!stream tournaments.
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