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I know it lowers score, but I'm not so sure about PP anymore. I just fc'd a 42 sec song with it and got a lot of PP. I thought the point was to nerf the score and pp gain. Or maybe it did nerf it and that map just gives obscene amounts of PP. Does anyone know for sure?
By memory, I think it affects pp by 5 or 10%. Makes sense because it doesn't really "change" gameplay.
I guess it does make sense when you put it that way. Wish I knew that before I made a 40 sec song one of my top plays.

Edit: While we're on the topic; what about SD and EZ? How do they affect PP and score?
ŚD doesn't affect pp.
NF gives a 10% malus.
SO gives a 5% malus.
EZ obviously gives less pp because the displayed difficulty gets lower. Depends on the map in question.
I see. Thanks for the clarification, Endaris.

Sorry about posting in the wrong section, mods. I don't know how I missed the gameplay section.
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