[osu!Taiko] Suiji Cup | 3v3 [Winners: Jakpat]

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随机 - Suíjī

Meaning 'Stochastic', players will sign up individually then be assigned their teams through a randomization process.

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  1. This is a 3v3 double-elimination tournament consisting of 32 teams.
  2. This is an osu!Taiko tournament.
  3. This is an international tournament.
  4. There will be no rank limit and the top 192 players based on rank will be accepted.
  5. Final cutoff at August 25 12:00 UTC
  6. The tournament will be played in scorev2.
  7. There will be no group stage in this tournament.
  8. Players will sign up individually and will be assigned a team.
  9. There will be 6 players per team, each consisting of 2 A seed players, 2 B seed players, and 2 C seed players
  10. Players will be seeded by rank.
  11. Teams will be given 5 days to choose a team name and a captain. Failure to submit a team name will result in an assigned team name chosen by the staff. Failure to submit a captain will result in the highest rank player being made captain by default.
  12. If a player in your team is inactive or unresponsive before the tournament start date, players who were closest to making the cut will be used for back-ups after you contact a Staff Member.
  13. The Map Pool will contain 16 maps. The format is as follows -
    Map Pool A will contain the following: 4 No Mod, 2 Hidden, 2 Hard Rock, 2 Free Mod.
    Map Pool B will contain the following: 2 Challenge Maps, 1 Double Time, 1 Easy Mod, 1 Hidden+Hard Rock, and the Tiebreaker. These maps are NOT BANNABLE.
  14. One player from each seed must play at the same time in the 3v3 setting. This means (ABC) vs. (ABC). NOT (AAB) vs. (ABB)
  15. C's may play in place of B's, and B's in place of A's only in situations where the players cannot be active (i.e. Emergencies, Vacation, etc)
  16. All match times are in UTC.
  17. No staff members are allowed to play other than streamers, commentators, and graphics designers.

  1. Host: Backfire
  2. Graphics: Backfire and Reo
  3. Statistician/Spreadsheet:Kasumii-Sama
  4. Commentators: Raphalge, Beat43210, incandescence, Das, CaptainEChan, Babysnakes and DuckyDoom!
  5. Streamers: -GN Junior, [TaikoTori] and Garpo!
  6. Referees: Kasumii-sama, JDrago14, fajar13k,-dragon67 and all other organizational staff!
  7. Mappool Selectors: Backfire and Lno
  8. Wiki Creator: fajar13k
  1. REGISTRATION: August 1st - August 25th
  2. TEAM DRAWINGS: August 26th
  3. ROUND OF 32: September 1st - 2nd | Best of 9
  4. ROUND OF 16: September 8th - 9th | Best of 9
  5. QUARTER FINALS: September 15th - 16th | Best of 11
  6. SEMI FINALS: September 22nd - 23rd | Best of 11
  7. FINALS: September 29th - September 30th | Best of 13
  8. GRAND FINALS: October 6th - October 7th | Best of 13

  1. The match lobby will be created by the referee, and the team captains of both teams will be invited. The captain is then responsible for inviting the rest of their team. If the captain of a team is not online, the referee will invite any other player from that team, and that player will be responsible for inviting their team.
  2. Teams have a 15 minute grace period to have at least 3 players available to play the match. If 15 minutes pass and a team does not have enough players to play the match, the other team will receive a win by default.
  3. Once all players have joined the lobby, captains will be asked to !roll; the winner of the roll will have the first warmup, first ban, and first pick.
  4. Warmup maps will be allowed for the entirety of the tournament. Each team may select one warmup pick; warmups may not exceed 4:30 total length.
  5. The referee can give host to the players for warmups only. The referee will have host for the entire match after warmups. A team will select a map by naming the map in the multiplayer chat, and the referee will select it.
  6. Each team is allowed to ban 1 map from Map-Pool A. Map-Pool B maps may not be allowed to be banned at ANY time.
  7. Teams have 3 minutes to select a map; if they fail to choose in the allotted time, the map choice will pass to the other team. This will have no effect on the order of picks afterward.
  8. There is no restriction on map selection order; teams may select any available map at any time regardless of mod.
  9. On freemod picks, at least two players from each team must use Hidden, Hard Rock, or both.
  10. Hidden and Hard Rock are allowed, but not required, on Tiebreakers.
  11. Only one of each seed is allowed to play in the lobby at any given time, so you can only have 1 A seed, 1 B seed, and 1 C seed.
  12. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 3 minutes to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. If the 3 minute timer ends, the referee will force an !mp start 15 command, and the match will start with whoever is in the lobby.
  13. The winner of a map is determined by which team ends with a higher score.
  14. In the case of a disconnection, a rematch will only be played if the disconnection occurred within the first 30 seconds of the map. This can be judged by the mp link. If a player disconnects after 30 seconds of the map have passed, their score will not be counted.

Credits to Xiao Xiao and Squeeble for the idea, and DigitalHypno and this1neguy for writing the forum post rules which I copied with co-operation from them.
Red Riding Hood
I feel the urge to sign up but NATT sucked for me and I feel like whoever I get teamed with is gonna be brought down by my lack of skill :(
don't you need some rest from organising tournaments lol
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tkdLolly wrote:

don't you need some rest from organising tournaments lol
Never >:3
Register me as Referee, and let me write a wiki page for it
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fajar13k wrote:

Register me as Referee, and let me write a wiki page for it
Sounds good!
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By the way, I just wanna mention, your rankings will be considered on the final day of registration, so the rankings i'm putting for the sheet currently which holds the player list can be considered just a placeholder. Rankings will be entirely up-to-date on the day we assign teams.
さんかします どらむちゃのん
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To clarify, star rating for the maps kind of depends on how many people sign up, but we are aiming for a standard taiko star rating, so from 4~7 as the tournament progresses. I understand this is the most tricky part for a lot of the newer players, but the fun of the cup is to see the skill difference between the different tiers of players! Since Taiko has generally smaller cast of players, making pools that are suitable for everyone will be tricky, but rest assured that we will try to make it fair for all the teams.

If there is any worst case scenario, we will choke the team size to something different, but we are very hopeful and optimistic about the 192 number we have set!
[ LauThaiMing ]
Don't sign me up , i quit
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lauthaiming wrote:

Don't sign me up , i quit
:( alright
Sure, I'll sign up.
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Element118 wrote:

Sure, I'll sign up.
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Well, at the moment, staff has decided that they will NOT grant this tournament a set of badges because it is "the first iteration". I've sent them a reply e-mail, trying to get something done, because I don't understand why this is happening to this tournament, and none of the numerous others which were first iterations, like Shift Cup, Battlegrounds, etc.

So I will understand if you want to drop out since there is now no promise for a badge. I don't know what kind of prizes I can provide in the meantime, because Staff doesn't even give supporter anymore. This will simply have to be funded out of my own pocket. I hope you guys still enjoy the tournament in spite of this, if nothing is done, because I will still put a lot of work and love into it no matter what!
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Hi guys! If you'd like to get in the mood of the tournament, we now have a skin! It's a skin made with elements mainly from umnkenenezo and a menu screen (for supporters only) designed by Reo.

Umnkenenezo has graciously allowed us to use these elements for this tournament, so I really would like you guys to go check out her twitter and please follow her!

She designed the drum, highway, faces, hit-bursts, banner, and the animated character! They weren't designed FOR the tournament, but we felt they fit the spirit of the tournament, so if you'd like to download this skin you can do so here:
Sign me out can't make it :(
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Staff has finally responded!

So the badge design is here as well, made by Reo

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Also another thing, we have decided on a Pool Format and we want to make sure to share it with you, as such these have been added to the main post.

- The Map Pool will contain 16 maps. The format is as follows: Map Pool A will contain the following: 4 No Mod, 2 Hidden, 2 Hard Rock, 2 Free Mod.
Map Pool B will contain the following: 2 Challenge Maps, 1 Double Time, 1 Easy Mod, 1 Hidden+Hard Rock, and the Tiebreaker. These maps are NOT BANNABLE.

- Each team is allowed to ban 1 map from Map Pool A. Map Pool B maps may not be allowed to be banned at ANY time.
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The second runthrough of my stupidly long feedback/explaination of a tournament mappool is back. For those who didnt spectate the deltamax oni overlord tournament discord. Basically its a long list of comments about a mappool for those who are interested in watching this weekend's matches or simply dont have the time for a 2 hour showcase. I'll be doing this for every round till my elimination of the tournament. So sit back, read and feel free to roast/comment/debate about any of my comments, as a heads up this is simply my opinions. Feel free to disagree on them all you want.

1. Deadman Falling - mostly straightforward map. Minor SV changes throughout, nothing serious. C seeds who dont know how to 1/6 burst 4 combos will struggle on this map.

2. Amnolys - If youre a C seed that cant handle deadman falling. Dont pick this map period. Not only is the BPM slightly higher (165 v 180), but also 1/6 snapping happens mid 1/4 stream and sometimes does shift to 1/3 and vice versa. Minimal SV that at certain points feels as if it's lazily trying to cover up the snapping speed. Typical snapping map which despite it's SR is easier than some others ive seen at the 4* level in other tournaments.

3. The First Punch - Cool upbeat song that focuses and balances between combo heavy sections with several ddddddd kkkkkk only streams and Accelerating SV to trick you to speeding up your tempo. OD does sit at 6.9 so acc battles between the C seeds will be crucial to taking a point here.

4. Toumei Elegy - Popular song in STD tournaments and well known in the osu! community. Clocking in at 220 BPM it is the fastest map in the NM category and the longest at 3:19. Most part a consistency that will test the endurance of mid C seeds who might struggle to play at that speed with limited breaks in between sections of the song.

5. Nightfall - If you thought Toumei Elegy was fast. Playing this will feel much faster. More dense with faster scrolling speed and adding in HD will definately throw many C seeds off and maybe low B seeds who didnt practice. SV does shift in some sections but nothing crazy. Fair OD making this an exciting map to watch in a match which is something i like.

6. City Never Sleeps - A much more normalised HD which is perfectly fine considering the other HD in the pool. Confortable BPM and scrolling speed with very minor snapping changes throughout. Not dense and quite short giving teams the perfect alternate to complement the more HD challenging Nightfall map.

7. Pa Pi Pu Yeah! - Fast speedy HR map with a pushy OD of 8.4 that will make non-HR C and low B players struggle. THEN COMES THE FINISHERS which considering its a map by our swedish friend raph, not surprising in the slightest. Not that he has a fetish for finishers or anything but there tends to be quite the amount in several of his maps such as mushi but thats besides the point. If you cant hit fast finishers in weird patterns in the second half of the song you are screwed (unless the other C seed can do that either).

8. Seimei no Wa wo Tsumuide - Another speedy HR map with the same OD. Normally i would be complaining, but personally i feel as if this map isnt about timing or consistency. It took a few runs before i noticed that it feels more like a reading test. This map will ask both sides, can you read patterns that are complex and diverse whist changing snapping rate on the fly and maintaining acc. I can see this map that both B and C players will struggle to FC especually with the finale of the song going to an insane near unreadable scroll speed.

9. Outer Science - Outside of the dumb thing in the song that is being fixed, it is one of the longest in the entire pool that leaves room for either HD,HR or HDHR to be played. 2K+ C seeds could be using a mod. Mod consistency is king for this map. If you got a team that can hold their own to either mod for 3 and a half minutes, youll win the map unless your teammates choke or your opposition can hold more mods than your team whist overdoing it and placing too many mods and you will certainly lose. Free mod at this stage is quite complex as C seeds are at most likely to use a mod if they want whist A and B have to use a combination of mods. Quite the risk v reward dynmaic i see in this song choice that wont be present in future FM stages.

10. Pop Team Epic - More tech heavy and OD demanding in comparision to outer science. However, it has a lower BPM and is shorter. Once again testing mod flexibility just with different elements more significant such as snapping,streaming and acc. Both FM maps go hand in hand together which i find awesome.

11. CANDYLAND - I feel bad personally for teams who have C seeds that have never played in a tournament before with an EX pool. This map is designed to fuck with those people specifically. Maintaining their composure on IMO the most chaotic map in the pool filled with :GREEN BARS worth of SV and STREAMS of notes for 3 and a half minutes, is honestly the best way to mess with all of their heads. your ONLY friend in this map is the low OD of 4. As this map is unbannable, practice on this map is mandatory for all seeds. Otherwise you might as well surrender the point. So either GET GOOD or PRAY it doesnt get picked theres no inbetween

12. Wowie Zowie! - Only people with an IQ of 300 will pick this map. Knowing full well that if their C seed is better at 1/6 than the other C seed, they will win period. At least that's how i see it.

13. Bye Bye Beautiful - Fast, considerably long consistency DT pick. Good boring straightforward map to offset the craziness in the B pool that is unbannable.

14. Shotgun Senorita - Mostly a consistency map with changing SV and patterns. However, it does contain elements of slow, fast reading testing and also snapping changes. That being said OD is 3 so it shouldnt be too hard to stay in rhythm for most of the song for C seeds.

15. Sekai No Hate Ni Yoroshiku - Snapping test at what feels like random points in the song combined with a generally speedy HRHD map serves as a fun way to challenge C seed's ability to play with both mods at once which for those who are first timers in this tournament and those new to the forced HDHR concept will be quite the challenge that tournaments veterans and A/B seeds can exploit at least IMO

16. Hype - Fun TB map that legit does make for quite a show well fitting of its role as the TB. Mixing in every single thing fucking imaginable in this entire pool combined with quite a good amount of SV changes will throw the C seeds into the ultimate decisive clash to reveal who will come out on top. A map i advice against using mods but ehhh do whatever you want.

Tune in next week to get another breakdown of the mappool from one of the best commentators on the suiji team - Beat43210 :smiley:
love this pool BTW
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Everything has been updated! Hope you guys had fun in the first week of the tournament <3
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Congrats to jakpat for getting first place!
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