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Hi there! This is my modding queue.

There's not much to say, really, so let's jump straight into what matters:

—I can only mod Standard. If your set is hybrid, I'll only mod Standard diffs.
—I'll choose the maps that I want to mod, amongst those that are posted while queue is open (earlier=higher priority).
—When requesting, you should paste the link to your map, the diffs you want me to mod, drain and language of the mod (English/Spanish/Chinese)guess i could also try to mod in catalan xd
—If your map doesn't follow the rules then I'll reject it.
—No tickets
—I will mod a drain time of around 8 minutes or 3 diffs, whichever is shorter.i'm just gonna mod as much as i feel like
—If you're just looking for some quick feedback on your map, just PM me through IRC.
—I'll mod first. My map will be in last post.
—We will both mod similar drain times.
—I'll tell you when I've finished my mod.

—I can't mod technical maps.
—I have zero experience with ModdingV1.
—I am a novice modder.

STD is such an awful abbreviation for standard. i think people dont notice how bad it is. i mean, it is gramatically correct (i think and hope so). but that's not what makes it disgusting at so many levels. the worst part of using STD to refer to standard is that STD has already been taken by another term: sexually transmitted diseases. not that it matters too much, since most of the osu player base is made up of weebs, so it's not like any of us are going to have sex anytime soon. anyway, the thing is that STD's are not a joke. it's not like you can use STD for anything. what does it even mean when you say something like "oh, i am a std player"? like, do you mean that you carry syphilis? this is a serious issue the whole community should tackle. ppv2, lazer, maps made to look good in the editor rather than fun to play. these are minor issues if we consider the fact that modding queues are full of this STD shit. people who write STD on their mod queue's name are warning the mappers that they could get fucking AIDS from a mod. as in, from getting feedback on how to improve your skills at placing circles and sliders for randos in the osu! community to click (or to farm, i dont judge, plz enjoy game) you can receive an STD. apparently diseases have evolved to be transmitted digitally or some whit like that. which imo is pretty fucked up and also very scary. virgins who would be initially safe from gonorrhea could be infected. luckily, nowadays we have antiviruses to protect our computers and us from those pesky viruses, STD's included. they have also evolved to detect and destroy those disgusting pathogens. this is why we should thank antiviruses for their service to humankind. so, next time you boot up your pc, make sure you give your antivirus a kiss and thank it for their services. write a fucking letter and read it in front of your beloved antivirus, and if you are uncapable of or if you lose your train of thought while thanking them, just quote some random meme such as "thanks mr. monstrat—avast antivirus". so yeah, remember these words, and take them into consideration whenever you're going to write the letters STD to abbreviate Standard. just, don't. also standard needs a new name, maybe something like "click those fucking circles billy can't you see that you're losing combo? omfg you're useless i wish cookiezi was my son so i dont have to see you fucking choke on a 4* map every single time, you adopted piece of crap". please ppy make it happen. thanks in advance xdxdxd

Also, 2 NM and 2 M4M slots open. Go!
hey/ NM req
mod all (im greedy), total drain - 4:45
mod in english pls

and good luck with your queue
Hi~ NM request please

I need mods for Hard and last diff uwu

Total drain time for those two diffs is around 6 minutes

Mod in english please >3<

Thanks in advance~ >w</
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NM reqs accepted.

2 M4M slots remaining.
o fucksnap i forgot to link map
M4M request!

Take your pick between:
A marathon or this set

Title: Asylums For The Feeling feat. Leila Adu
Genre: alternative, downtempo, electronic, pop, & orchestral
Drain: 7:02 (marathon)
BPM: 82
Star Rating: 2.36

Artist: Jin
Title: Shinigami Record
Drain: 2:54
Difficulties: Beginner, Normal, Advanced (1.05, 2.13, 3.38)
BPM: 200

Mod in English please :)

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