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hOI, recently, I've mapped an opening I liked and when I submitted it and shared it to my friends, they told me that the beatmap was corrupt or incomplete. I thought they weren't serious but when I tried I got the same thing

Screenshot of the error : https://imgur.com/dZEYsS7
Try to download the map too : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/823464 (If you managed to download it, it would be cool if you tell me, like that I'll be sure that the problem is from me)

Sorry for my bad English :<
Can you screenshot your map's folder?

Check and see if you have any files that are 0 bytes.
Here's the link for the folder and no files at 0 bytes :/

Edit : If you have any other solutions it would be nice >///<
Try removing the "|" (pipe) character from the title and update.
It worked thank you so much 。^‿^。
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