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Hello everyone!

Thank you for your participation in last week's Loved votes. Please help keep up the participation by sharing this thread with as many people as you can. Remember that the more people that involve themselves with this category, the more of a success it can be.

If you wish to get involved by submitting maps you'd like to see Loved, use this form!

If you'd like to keep up with the spreadsheet of maps that we select from, created from submissions in the form above, click here!

Results for last week can be found here:

Maps that receive 80% approval will be moved into the Loved category.
Here are this week's nominees for osu!taiko:
Map selection provided by Backfire, Gezoda, and iceOC

t+pazolite feat. Nanahira - Chou Kousoku Heroine Super Lumina Dai 1 wa (owari) 'Saigo no Tatakai' by suni
Vote for this map here!

Lumpy - Yoru orioriorioriori by Firce777
Vote for this map here!

Helblinde - Heaven's Fall (Speed Up Ver.) by hoku-4625
Vote for this map here!

Camellia - Feelin Sky (Camellia's ""200step"" Self-remix) by Backfire
Vote for this map here!

Berzerk+Haste - Kurukurukiikii by Gezoda
Vote for this map here!
Hey there! Just wanted to inform people about a Taiko Loved discord server we made where you can interact with the captains and see our process of choosing maps, as well as make suggestions directly to us and get lots of updates! https://discord.gg/kM72kdX
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