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Soul Rhythm
Heya everybody :) .

I am Soul_Rythm (even though I wish I would have written rhythm right xD) ^^.
Some (but not many) might know me from the multiplayer :3.
I play Osu! since July 2011, but I never bothered to write in the forum :roll:.Stupid lazy me >.<.But I would love to be more active in the forum/community now and I hope I'll have fun with you all (I luv fun <3) :D

But before I finish, some (but not to much) infos about me :3.


Well, I am female, 16 years old and live in Germany (as you can see) ^^.

Likes: Anime, Manga, Music, drawing, writing, swimming, dogs, wolves, animals, nature, fanfictions, reading, books, japan, spring and muuuch more (sorry for the chaotic order xD)

Dislikes: TV (don´t get me wrong, but most shows in Germany are the crappiest crap xD), spiders, hot weather, illness, overly rich arrogant people, bad people and some more things ^^

I watch a lot of anime and read manga =).I am not a fan of to much games, but my faves would be Okami and Osu!.

I am a very shy person to strangers, but when I warm up with someone I am very talkative xD.
But beware I don't really like to chat to much, I prefer real talk ^^;.I am also a very busy person and I won't be online much :(.

But anyway :D.I hope we all get along well and I can't wait to see you in multiplayer or just in the forum :D.I am happy to meet you all!!! :3

Have a nice day~

PS: You can call me just Soul ^^.I am always called that in multiplayer (no wonder really...(x )
Nice to meet you :3 I joined in July 2011 too.
Hope you enjoy the forums~ ^^

*looks at your Most Played Beatmaps list*

You really must like that song and/or map a lot, to play it so much more than others in the list! :)

Well in any case, welcome and enjoy your stay! ;)
Hi~ hope to play with you (but judging by your rank you'd beat me...)

anyways hello again~
Welcome to the forums/community!
Hello, and welcome to the forums. :> We'll gladly take care of you, or I will, lol. Either way, feel free to pm if you have any questions or anything. Hope you enjoy your time being here. :>
Welcome,seems like I'm welcoming a lot of players that have played osu! more than me...
Nice to meet you, hope we talk some day ^^
Kanye West

nekonomitsu wrote:

Nice to meet you :3 I joined in July 2011 too.
Hope you enjoy the forums~ ^^
Hey me too!

Anyways welcome to the community. Multi sometime? lolz
Soul! Look I posted on your Intro 8D See you in osu
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Soul Rhythm
Thank you very much everyone :) .I am sooo happy, that so many people answered already :D.

@nekonomitsu: Hihi, what a coincidence :D.And thank you, I am sure I will ^^.Ohh, seems like you really love Minene :) .Shes awesome 8-)

@ychao24: Thank you :D.Oh yeah this map...xD.I played it a lot, because it was my first map I tried to play in "insane" and I was soo desperate to get through it xD.Took me long enough :lol:

@hetaliafangirl99: Thank you :D.I hope so, too :3.And don't worry, I might be somewhat high on my rank, but there are things I really can't x).

@vizzy: Thanks :)

@Emaal: Thank you very much :D.I make sure to get back on your offer ;).Thanks for that!

@emonite: Thank you :).Well, it is very nice of you that you welcome as much people as you do, like the others :D.

@GeNJiii: Me, too :).Its always nice to talk and play with some nice people everyday :3.

@kanye west: Yay, that makes three then x).And thank you! Sure, my pleasure to play one day ^^.

@Aoriki: Haaaay, Ao :D:D:D.Thank you a lot for answering here, it makes me really happy :3.And I am so sorry, for not playing multiplayer for some time now...I make sure to come again soon :).
someone likes using the emoticons we have here on the forum

other then that, welcome to the forums! if you have anything to ask, or just want to play some multi, feel free to hit me up!
Hey there.
Welcome to the forums c:
Love Germans, btw :p
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Soul Rhythm
@dkun: Uwaaah, I haven't noticed that x_x.Those smileys are eeeeevil *points finger at them*
Anyway, thank you very much =D.I will come back to that offer, too :3.And I would love to play with you one day :3.

@Backfire: Hey Ho :3.Thank you very much :).Oh why thank you :D.I love Americans, too ;3.But I looove everyone of course :D.
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