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Is there a bug or a change in the pp system?

I checked my profile to see "Best Performance" Tab to be empty.
And i tried played songs/beatmaps to solve this but it doesn't really work

Im trying to check other profiles because i thought it would just be my profile that's bugged but it looks like its bugged for other people too

Picture : https://imgur.com/a/FObrS6A

Note : This is my first post in the osu!forums so i might be a bit of a noob here :p
Nah idk i'm having the exact same problem as you. Probably just a visual bug with the website. They will fix it soon
Yeah, should be fixed soon. Seems like everyone is affected.
I have this problem. Switch to old site)
This seems to be a temporary issue with the new web. Please use the old one for now while we look into it. (You can switch to the old design of the website by clicking on the button at the bottom left of your screen.)
Should be fixed now. Please check your "Ranks" section on the new web and see if it's correct.
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