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Current Priority: +10
I was kinda thinking... How bout a mode where you can see replays overlaped or side by side with 4 players? Or have local multiplayer?
I didn't really think of the layout, but i have made a skin to kinda represent what 4 players would look like. (I would of made a video too, but adobe said no more free trials for me.

(Normal Osu!)> For the normal osu! game mode, I made it so there would be 4 different cursers, each with there own player number. P1 would be blue, p2 red, p3 green, p4 yellow. (kind of like the wii).
>For combo burst it would display the three mascots and the taiko drum (for place holder). The combo burst would be split up so it would allow all 4 burst to show at one side if everyone 100%.
>For Hit points display, it whill show up on the corners of the circle.

(Mania, Taiko)> For mania and taiko, I didn't make any big plans but to place the grid next to each other.

(Catch the beat)> For catch the beat, it will overlap like regular osu!, but the mascots will be different for each player. I tried making pippi match the style of yuzu, and plan to add maria in next. (I'm not sure what the 4th person should be yet.

(Local play)>this could also make it a local play mode (for catch the beat and taiko) Of course, there's gonna have to be an upgraded controller support. mainly to support CTB taiko, and maybe mania.

(controller support)> for CTB and Taiko
<menu> left stick would move cursor, right stick scroll, LB+RB select game mode suitable with controller, Up_dpad+Down_dpad select song, A sellect, B back, X grouping options, Y search, Left_dpad go to leaderboards, Right_dpad go to song sellect, LT mods, Rt osu direct.

<CTB> right_dpad move right, Left_dpad move left, a dash/ boost, X skip, options hide score board.

<Taiko> left stick+ right stick middle drum, Rt+ LT outer ring, X skip, options hide score board.

(top 3)> be able to see the top 3 replays and compare it to your own replay

(Mods)>song speeds cant be activated unless there the host. Easy, Hard Rock mod will seporate players (due to circles changing). Hidden, flashlight, will hide other players to keep game balanced, however they can be seen at the beginning of the song, breaks, and ending.

I would really like to se this in game just to see multiple people and I would even help by giving some props.(as in props I mean image files) I would also make this a osu! supporter thing as well due to the fact its kinda a lot to do. (besides local play)

(once i figure how i can upload pictures here, Ill show you what I mean.)
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