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Current Priority: +0
Got another idea.

Osu! is played on more or less the whole world,
so let's make achievements/medals for FC a map of any language.

(It would really be funny with stereotypes!)

(the names are only my idea)

Like: Beat an italian one: "Mario! Pasta Pizza Spaghetti"
Beat a polish one: "Karma sounds close"
Beat a german one: "NEIN NEIN NEIN!"
Beat an english one: "Let's drink a cup of tea"
Beat a french one: "Uh lala"
and so on...

This is a good idea, I think.

You might not be aware how ridiculous this sounds. It's like one of those collectibles things, but you don't even need to try hard to get these. Search up song, play, get medal, rinse and repeat. Ultimately pointless.
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