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yo Hailie~
hitsound req

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i guess i should had made it clear that having a rank map was also require for hitsounding ^^'
basically because its more likely the set will grave and don't wanna waste too much time

still open btw (i'll pm anyone who i accept)
hey nm req

just focus on Insane and Easy diff

nm req

NARUTO Shippuden

Hello there!
thats hs request. it will need some custom sounds i think, but theres a simple beat and its 1:10 :^)
let me try (I need hard diff - 3.2~3.3*), thanks : >
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okay closing and i'll pm within 1-3 days

also this was only open for gd/hs req as said in the other post so not accepting none of them
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ok i died for a month so sorry for request i haven't gotten to (if u still need a gd/hs just try to poke me..)
I had ran out of motivation to do anything osu related aside from mapping but I need activity really soon so Open for Normal Mods

will do at least 3 maybe more if i get in the right mood

I only want to mod maps from mappers that genuinely want help
I don't want mappers who just want filler mods and will likely deny everything i suggest or most of it without consideration or good reasoning

I also only want semi inexperience mappers who has little to none ranked maps or new mappers only
here's a NM request, thanks!
big chungus
Thank you !

If you choose to mod this, please ignore the hard unless looking at it specifically for rhythm choice.
Me really need some advice about this map, thanks!
Hello, NM request pls :)

Map : Shiggy Jr. - oyasumi

My preference on what you should mod : Extras > Insanes > Others

Length : 1:20 // BPM : 200

Thank you for considering my request !
Hey! Looking for NM! And I mean a brutal NM. Specifically for my highest diff! Thanks!
Uta anything will be appreciated. thanks!!!
Hi! NM please
kinda interested if it's rankable in the current state in terms of spread and stuff, any help would be appreciated <3
what was a big mistake on ranked mapset tho?
Hi, NM req please!

I'm looking to push this for my first ranked map, I feel i'm really close to it, but need a mod from someone who's good at modding (like you :D). Thank you!
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